Dec 27, 2012

Saturday Night Drift Assault 56.0

What up guys! I hope everybody had a great Christmas holiday.Some of ya'll might go and hang out with some friends, some might hit the club and so on. Last weekend was the 56th addition of the Saturday Night Drift Assault series. We got all the rides, the action and the music. That night, we also had a special guess DJ, William Chin or Will.I.Am.
Drifter Tegar designed by Mat Canyon himself

William Chin aka Will.I.Am
This week, we featured a car club that consists from one of Malaysia's automotive crown jewels. The Neo R3 RS. This club consists from members that own and only own Proton Satria Neo R3. Besides that, SCKL also displayed the DRIVE M7 Powerboat driven by Haniff Borhan. The powerboat was also escorted by rides tuned by M7 Japan. Well I guess that's all from me. Catch us at SCKL this weekend for the Team Drift Battles. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

R3s everywhere

Rides from M7


Haniff Borhan

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