Oct 19, 2013

Kesas Attack Stance Meet with Daily Swag and Static 365

What's up, guys! Recently we had a big stance meet in the Klang Valley. For those who love it low, slammed, flushed or just sitting pretty, this was the place to be. The boys from Daily Swag Gang (DSG) sent me an invite to their meet. Since it has been a while since I went to a stance meet, I thought 'what the hell? I'm in".

The turnout was way better than expected. When we thought it was just a small gathering, turned into a big party where many stanced rides from all over Malaysia dominated the whole rest area at the KESAS Highway. Other than Static 365 and DSG, we had Fine Fitment, Stance of Perak, Men Drive Move, Negative Flush, BWB and so many other crews present. Easy to say, we had crews from all over Malaysia in one little space.

After the meet, we cleared up at around 3 am and started rolling. With this spontaneous idea, resulted to the newest video on MCTV.  Well, that's all from me, just short and simple. I hope you guys enjoy the photos and video. Until next time, peace!

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Mat Canyon x Daily Swag | Kesas Attack | Wrong Side of Town from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

Oct 10, 2013

Formula Drift Malaysia 2013

What's up guys. It's been a very long time since my last post on MC. A month plus. But I'm back with something you guys might enjoy. On 1st September, our beloved city of Kuala Lumpur became host to the Formula Drift series at Speed City KL. This year we got an all star line up including Ken Gush, Robbie Nishida, Daigo Saito, Fredric Aasbo and also our local favourites, Mervyn Nakamura, Ariff Johanis, Loyai, Zai 'Bullzai' Hamdan, Ah Han, and off course Tengku Djan Ley.

Mervyn Nakamura and Bullzai Hamdan

Dai Yoshihara as a judge

Ariff Johanis

Tengku Djan

Ken Gushi

Daigo Saito

Robbie Nishida

Fredric Aasbo
The weather wasn't a walk in a park for the drivers. It might be typical for the Malaysians, otherwise for the foreign drivers. But rain, shine or even monsoons, the show still went on. This makes the FD event in Malaysia unique due to the weather which challenges the driver and even out the playing field. All and all, drifting is a driver's sport where power isn't always everything.

 This year, the competition goes straight to the top 16. Unfortunately in qualifying, only two Malaysian drivers made the top 16 which is Tengku Djan and Ah Fai. The two biggest powerhouses of Malaysian drifting. Whereas 5 Thai drivers, Keak, Mai Chaiwat, C. Kerdpiam, Pan Thamtarana, and Saranon made it through. Other that made the top 16 are Daigo Saito, Tom Monkhouse, Slim Templeman, FredricAasbo, Rio SB, Ken Gushi, Masao Suenaga, Josh Boettcher, and Rob Whyte.

During the tandem battles, the conditions were semi wet. We saw some surprising results when Aasbo and Saito were knocked out at the top 16. Aasbo was knocked out by Rio SB whereas Saito was knocked out by Monkhouse. The finals was a battle with Tom Monkhouse against C. Kerdpiam. Even though these two didn't make it to the finals but the highlight battle of the event was Djan against Gushi since both drifters were equally capable and both were ripping the banners on the wall. Kudos for them. At the end of the day, the final podium was C Kerdpiam in first, Monkhouse in second and Gushi in third.

Well, that's all from be. Congratulations to winners. Until next time. Peace yo!
Dai Yoshihara striking a pose!

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Mat Canyon | Formula Drift Malaysia 2013 | Serious Bidness from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.