Oct 29, 2015

Jas' Honda Civic EK9 | Random Snaps

Oct 20, 2015

Unlimited Detail | Meor's Mugen'd Honda Integra

For many tuner enthusiasts, Honda is a name that is just too familiar to them. Starting from a long race history to the vast amount of tuning platforms that comes from Honda, it is not strange to see there are so many types of Honda builds. In some cases, there are a lot of builds that become highly talked about by word of mouth and social media. Apparently that’s how some Hondas become so recognizable. Among some builds that achieved internet stardom are cars like Tom Syhachack’s S2000 with the ridiculous wire-tuck work or the vibrant blue K-swapped DC2 from ATS Garage or the red NSX with Mugen wheels that looked like 24K gold belonging to Micheal Mao. 

But why am I mentioning all these builds? All the mentioned builds have one thing in common. They are all privately owned cars where the build follows purely the owner’s preference yet somehow become very recognizable and even idolized by other Honda owners who plan to build their cars. Residing in the east coast city of Kuantan, an Integra DC5 owned by Meor also was able to get the same kind of exposure via his Instagram. His ride? A Mugen’d Integra in the shade of grey similar to the Murcielago.

Prior to owning the DC5, Meor was already rolling in a light tuned Civic EF9 since the year 2003. Like many Honda enthusiasts, Meor was in it for the responsive VTEC engine and the lightweight chassis. His EF9 at the time was already swapped out with a B16A which was a typical starting platform for most Honda enthusiasts. Then in late 2008, Meor decided to buy himself an Integra DC5. The reasons were that just like any hardcore Honda enthusiast, he wanted to upgrade from tuning a B-series to the newer K-series platforms. Of course, he also wanted to own a legit Type-R. He really loved the DC5 up to the point where he started to neglect his old EF9 which was eventually sold off.

After four years of driving and owning the DC5 in its stock form, a friend of his offered him a complete Mugen aerokit for his car. This aerokit came from his friend’s DC5 that was destined to be sold off at the time. Meor first thought about it and decided to buy that kit. To him, he’s been rolling in a stock form for some time so why not give his DC5 a well-deserved makeover. The next step was to repaint the car. Meor was always appealed grey cars. So he started to study shades and codes to decide what shade of grey he wants his DC5 to be in. At last, he decided to go with Lamborghini’s Grigio Telesto which made the car look more sinister. It also turns out, he haven’t found anyone else in a Mugen DC5 with that colour.

Unfortunately, just before he was able to paint the car, something that every Honda owner fears the most happened to him. During a trip to Kuala Lumpur, his DC5 was broken into. When Meor got back to his car that day, he realized that his seats and a lot of other minor parts were missing from his car. Not only that, but the burglars also cut up his wires so that his alarm won’t go off. Due to this incident, Meor had to put his car on a flatbed to take it home. But also means, he has to find every part missing part back. Luckily in 2013, he got everything back and was able to finally paint his car.

For the trained eye, they can only look in awe the huge attention to detail given to Meor’s DC5. From huge changes like the aerokit to the small detailed things like Mugen oil caps and intake box. Regardless if the item is aesthetic or functional, everything on the DC5 just seems to be perfectly placed. For that, it would be no surprise why Meor’s DC5 can get the attention just as similar to some of the other iconic Honda builds around the world. So when anyone sees the grey Mugen DC5 pass by, people will know who’s ride is it. 

Owner: Meor Amir
Model: 2005 Honda Integra Type R DC5
Location: Kuantan, Malaysia

2.0L K20A Inline-4,
Civic Type R RRC intake manifold,
Skunk2 70mm throttle body with adapter,
Hondata intake manifold shield,
K-Tuned TPS,
TedcoSport custom exhaust header,
Skunk2 Megapower 70mm catback system with custom 3" s/s straight muffler,
Hasport 62A billet mounts,
Mugen air box,
Mugen fan switch,
Mugen thermostat,
Mugen dry carbon ignition cover,
Mugen 2012 oil cap,
Mugen radiator cap,
Mugen reservoir socks,
Mugen bolts,
Password JDM battery tie bar,
Skunk2 low profile engine washers,
Tucked air-con hoses,
Hondata K100 tuned by Pentagon Enterprise,

6-speed manual,
CCI super single clutch,
Civic Type R 5.062 final drive,
Goodridge steel braided clutch hose,
Hybrid Racing shifter bushings,
MTEC Industries shift springs,

D2 Japan adjustable coilovers,
Skunk2 rear camber kit,
Buddy Club roll center adjuster,
Spoon Sports subframe rigid collar,
Cusco 25mm anti roll bar,
Function7 billet lower control arm,
Function7 billet subframe brace,
Mugen front tower bar,
Mugen rear mid bar,
Cusco rear strut bar,
J’s Speed 3 point fender braces,
J's Racing C-pillar bar,
J's Racing rear gate bars,
J's Racing cross diagonal bar,
Brembo NASCAR race calipers,
Brembo 330mm rotors with Mugen hats,
Pagid brake pads,
Goodridge steel braided brake hoses,
3Qcars Japan master cylinder brace,

Volk Racing CE28 17 x 8jj Offset +30 (Front) 17 x 8.5jj Offset +47 (Rear)
Yokohama AD08R 235/45/17 (all round)
Project Mu lug nuts

Mugen front bumper with canard,
Mugen side step,
Mugen carbon hood,
Mugen rear bumper lip,
Mugen carbon wing,
Mugen titanium emblem,
Ings+1 wide fender,
Ganador carbon mirrors,
Sparco hood locks,
Custom Lamborghini Grigio Telesto paintwork,

Bride Zeta III Japan Edition carbon fiber bucket seat (driver side),
Bride Type FO seat rail,
CROW 5 point cam-lock harness with complete eye bolts,
K-Tuned billet shifter box,
Circuit Hero Type III "teardrop" shift knob,
Mugen boss kit,
Momo Corse steering wheel,
Defi Advance ZD link meter,
Defi Advance BF gauges,
Spoon Sports wide view mirror,