Aug 12, 2014

Battle Brothers | Friendly Rivals with their R34 Skylines

People still ask why the third generation Skyline is nicknamed 'Godzilla'. Derived from the word 'Gojira', it refers to a Japanese mythical creature which was an icon of early Japanese pop culture. Thus, became the perfect nickname for the third gen Skyline. Reason was it was a notorious performance car that beat almost every race competitor from Europe on the track back in the late 80s and early 90s.

If that wasn't enough, it was also one of those very few sought after sports cars that were only available in Japan. As a result, enthusiast outside Japan can only drool at photos in the magazines and from word of mouth. But for a lucky few, expats in Japan get the rare chance to own one and brought them back to their home country, regardless if it was road legal or not.

Luckily in Malaysia, even though we have to dread with extremely high import tax, we still have little to no restrictions on the type of car that is brought in. So for those who heard Godzilla's call took that privilege to own and drive one in Malaysia. Including these two friends who have been big time Skyline enthusiast since they were kids.

Fahmi and Faris wouldn't have been friends if it weren't for their R34s. It all started when Fahmi first saw Faris' R34. At the time, Faris' R34 experienced a bit of cosmetic damage on the front lip. Straight to his face Fahmi said how ugly it looked if he let his car look like that. Some might deem that as an insult but that was the start of their friendship and rivalry.

They both went a long way since then. They both try themselves to outdo each other bit by bit. Yet they joke around about each other's ride. One would see that clearly especially when they taunt and call each other 'king'. But the end result is to different kinds of builds yet both equally impressive.


 Fahmi first knew about this legend back when he was in school, at the time he states he would stick posters of Skylines on the wall of his room when he was still a teenager. Now a married man, he worked hard outside of Malaysia and had his sights on a nice looking R34 in 2011. Despite not being a genuine GTR model, but the GTT he purchased was already converted on the exterior. For him, it was good enough.
 At first he was running an RB25 NEO power plant which made 308bhp and 338 lbs ft of torque at 1 bar of boost. But at some point, he blew the engine. That's when he encountered a dead end. As he research and asked around, he slowly bought parts for a new motor. But at the time, he had his sights on an RB30 set up. At the end, he ended up with a fresh RB26 motor.

 It took him about five months to build the RB26 as it is today. Fresh from the hands of Amri Naem of Ghost Machines located in Johor Bharu, at the southern tip of Malaysia, his R34 rolled out on April 2014. From the single turbine set up, it just speaks top-end power.

 He still keeps the GTR theme on the outside. Clean enough to fool an average Joe that he was rolling in a genuine GTR. Keeping it fresh with a full exterior conversion with some rare touches like the AFT diffusers, Z-Tune front fenders and aftermarket LED tail lights. All that was completed with 18 inch Nismo LMGT4 wheels.

 Fahmi kept the GTR theme on the inside with R34 GTR V-Spec seats on the front and back, steering wheel, and door step. Even though he does not possess the center display screen that GTRs are famous for, he redeems himself with a few personal touches from the aftermarket gauges and Pioneer sound system. It wouldn't take long that his R34 is just for him.

Faris has been a huge Skyline enthusiast for quite some time now. As a matter a fact, the current R34 he owns now is not his first Skyline since before this he owned an Skyline R34 GTT which was similar to Fahmi's R34. Despite what he knows, Faris is can't help himself from getting curious when it comes to new knowledge and know-how when it comes to cars.
 But the good thing from his curiosity is, he knew exactly what he wants for his R34 and how to achieve it. He first knew why the GTR was so different from the GTT when he test drive one himself. From there, he set his target to get his own. After selling his previous R34, he continued his studies in Australia. Besides studying, he also spent his time doing part time odd jobs there to make some extra income. Then in 2011, he encountered and purchased his own R34 GTR V-Spec 2.

 Straight off the bat, the journey was nothing but easy after that. After a year of owning the GTR, the brought it to Malaysian soil with a few light mods included. But at the time, finding the right person to maintain a vehicle like this in Malaysia was extremely difficult. Three motors later, he finally got the right place and right recipe for his RB26. Based from specifications done in Australia, he aimed for an engine that's  responsive and mid-torque focused. The most obvious sign would be that he maintained the twin turbine set up.

 After his incident with Fahmi, Faris quickly thought about the styling for his R34. After much thinking, he didn't had to look far for inspiration. Since 2009, he was intrigued by the builds done by Top Secret, a famous tuner house in Chiba, Japan. Since his engine build does include parts that Top Secret would use, why not complete the car inside out with that theme. So he sourced Top Secret aero parts and completing the look with a set of 18 inch Volk Racing TE37.

 Inside, he keeps everything simple and functional. A Personal Grinta steering wheel for driving comfort, Nismo GT shift knob and a Nismo 320kph meter cluster for his extra miles. Even though dubbed a 'fast car' but there is a possibility of the passenger to fall asleep. That was my personal experience due to the comfort.

TUNING MENU (Red "Southern Killer")

Owner: Fahmi Ramli
Model: 2000 Nissan Skyline GTT ER34
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tomei Forged Conrods, CP 87 mm Forged Pistons,
Tomei 1.2mm head gasket,
Fully balanced RB26 Crankshaft, Custom Crank Collar,
Tomei 270 degree Camshafts, oil pump, valve springs,
JUN Adjustable Cam Pulleys, ACL Race Bearings, 
850cc Denso Pen Type Injectors, HKS Fuel Rail, HKS Turbo Outlet pipes,
HKS spark plugs, Works Fuel Regulator, Trust Oil Cooler, 
HKS T51R Turbine, GReddy 60mm wastegate, Type R blow off valve,
AVS Race Intercooler with 3 inch custom intercooler pipes,
AVS radiator, N1 Waterpump,
Tonnka Custom Exhaust Headers, Trust 3.5 inch muffler,
JUN Planum Intake Manifold, 90mm Throttle Body,
 Haltech Platimun Sport 2000
Custom wire tuck by Amri Naem
Ogura Twin Plate Clutch
Tein Super Street Adjustable Coilovers
Cusco Tie Rod Ends, Caster and Camber arms,
Cusco Anti-Roll Bars
R34 Strut Bars,
R34 Stock Calipers
Nismo LMGT4 18 x 9.5jj Offset +12
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 265/35/18 Front
Nankang NS2R 265/35/18 Rear
Full R34 GT Conversion and Spoiler
Z-Tune front fenders, AFT Diffuser,
Aftermarket LED Tail Lights, OEM Style Carbon Fibre Front Hood
R34 GTR Steering Wheel, R34 GTR V-Spec seats (front and rear)
Nismo R34 GTR meters cluster, APEXi Turbo Timer and RSM Meter,
Defi Gauges (oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust temperature, boost pressure)
Pioneer sound system and DVD player 

TUNING MENU (Blue "Zeus")
Owner: Faris Idzwan
Model: 2001 Nissan Skyline GTR V Spec 2 BNR34
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
ARC Oil Catch Tank, ARC Super Induction Box and ARC Intercooler,
Bosch 044 Fuel Pum, Duratech Fuel Filter, Garrett 2860-5 Twin Turbines.
GReddy Radiator, Greddy Type R Blow Off Valve, Gates Timing Belt,
HKS Step 2 Forged Pistons, 1.2mm Metal Head Gasket, Reinforced Actuator,
JUN Oil Pump, JUN Oil Sump Baffle, N1 Water Pump, Nismo Main Bearing,
Nismo 130 kPA Radiator Cap and Engine Oil Cap, Nismo Thermostat, 
Spitfire Direct Injection Coils, Siemens 750cc Injectors, Samco Heater Hose,
TOMEI Turbo Outlet, TOMEI 260 degree Poncams, Type A Valve Springs, Adjustable cam pulleys, Oil Pressure Restrictor Kit, HPI Engine Damper, Fluidampr Crank Damper, 
APEXi Power FC, Bee-R Rev Limiter,
Getreg 6 Speed Manual, OS Giken Triple Plate Clutch, Nismo Clutch Hose.
Ohlins DFV Coilovers, Nismo Engine and Transmission Mounts. Superpro Bushings
Volk Racing TE37 18 x 10.5jj Offset +15
Michelin Pilot Sport 3 275/30/18 All round
Top Secret Front Bumper, Top Secret Carbon Front Hood, Ganador Side Mirrors,
Nismo Side Skirts, Rear pods.
Nismo Floor Mats, Nismo GT Shift Knob, Nismo 320kph Meter Cluster, Personal Grinta Steering Wheel.


Always remember to secure your hood.

Isn't that the S15 from Bukit Bintang?