Sep 28, 2016

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Sep 22, 2016

Vivid Dreams | Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV

If I could recall, it was somewhere at 8 or 9 years old was when I seriously became interested in cars. Of course there was those brief encounters on the street and the occasional times watching F1 on TV. But at that stated age was when my parents gave me a new game for the PC for me to play. It was a copy of Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. Before all the other Need For Speed games that had police, this was the original hot pursuit game ever. I remembered I could play for hours.

When I was playing Need For Speed 3, my ride of choice would be the Lamborghini Diablo SV. Before I was exposed to the import tuner scene, this was my ultimate dream car. I was a huge fan of Lamborghini at the time because of the aggressive, masculine appearance, the scissor doors and of course the wheels that had the five circle design on it. That was the last time I was into Lamborghinis because the models after that, well, it just didn't have the same appeal that the Diablo had.

Now in my mid 20s, it has all became a childhood memory. If there was a supercar that would excite me now, it wouldn't be a Lamborghini. I would probably say a Ferrari, an Agera, or maybe a Mercedes Mclaren SLR. But if I'm asked, I would still say I still like the Diablo as I would as a kid. Which brings me to the story when I got a chance to take a close look at one of Lamborghini's latest flagship model.

I got a call from a friend who runs a car wash and sticker wrap shop out in Seri Kembangan called Dreams Factory. I was told that he had a Lamborghini Aventador which he recently wrapped and he wanted me to take photos for him. He also stated that it was an SV model which only 600 of them were produced. So I made some time and went with a shooting partner of mine to go see it.

From my past experience, I have seen an Aventador in person before, but even though I try my best to, I just didn't feel connected to it. However, when I got to Dreams Factory, what I saw wasn't just a lightened and slightly faster Aventador, this felt different. Instead of a weird robotic door wedge, the Aventador SV looked like a proper supercar. It had a great balance between aggressive elements and fine detail. In fact, the excitement I get when I see the Diablo somehow reemerged when I saw the Aventador SV. It was just beautiful. This particular one was wrapped in chrome turquoise by Dreams Factory.

The Aventador SV is a special trim of the based model which comes with a 6.5 liter V12 that puts out 740 bhp and 70 kg m of torque through all four wheels. Compared to the base model Aventador, the SV has 50 bhp more and is 50 kg lighter. How they made the car lighter was by scrapping the active aero parts that the base model had which means the engine intake scoops and the spoiler is now fixed. The SV now also has magnetic dampers and an improved dynamic steering system. With these improvements, Lamborghini has made the SV to feel more balanced and natural to drive.

Even though it was just a brief encounter, I'm glad I had a chance to see it. Especially in a quiet setting without a huge amount of hoarding journalist and swarms of spotters. In I was, I get to appreciate a whell built supercar in my own sweet time. The best part was that this brief encounter rekindled my love of Lamborghini that I once had. I just wished that Lamborghini made more cars like this. But of course, that is just my personal opinion. If a person asks me which Lamborghini that I would have, the Aventador SV would be my answer.