Nov 29, 2012

RacepoD Final Round 2012

What's up guys. Last weekend has been a bit busy since the final round of RacepoD National Drift Series was held on the weekend. RacepoD is a pro-am drift competition which is held all over Malaysia. This weekend was in the Elite Speedway in USJ, Selangor.

Some of the names competing on that day was Tan Tat Wei, Mervyn Nakamura, Rocker Loh Kevin Rajoo and others. It went on for two days where qualifying was on Saturday and the actual competition was on Sunday. For this round, Mervyn Nakamura out-did himself by not only becoming first in qualifying but also by winning this round. Whereas 2nd was won by Deric Lim and 3rd by Tan Tat Wei.
Mervyn Nakamura
Prizes was also given to the overall winners of the championship. The standings are as followed:
   2012 Champion: Tan Tat Wei
   1st Runner Up  : Rocker Loh
   2nd Runner Up: Mervyn Nakamura
I guess that's all from me. Until next time. Peace!
Kevin Rajoo

Dave Tan with the new  Rocket Bunny body kit

Eating dirt

Rocker Loh

Tan Tat Wei hungry for proximity

Mervyn Nakamura's FD3S

Kevin Rajoo and Tan Tat Wei

Tan Tat Wei

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Nov 27, 2012

Saturday Night Drift Assault 53.0

What's up guys. It feels good to be back in Speed City KL. In the month of November, SCKL reuses the Formula Drift Malaysia track layout. On that night, we had a small family where Tengku Djan, brother Ezan, and their cousin showed up at the event. Most of the other star drifters were absent since that weekend was filled with other Drift events. For example Federation D Racepod National Drift Series (see next post). This week, SCKL welcomed Men Drives Move of MDM. (Not Malaysian Domestic Market). These guys consist on Perodua Kenaris or Daihatsu Move minivan. Aside from that, we witnessed some sibling rivalry when Djan and Ezan went side by side on the track. Well that's all from me. Peace!

Tengku Djan now wears Mat Canyon's badge

Sibling rivalry Djan vs Ezan

Tengku Ezan

The cousin, Jennifer

Men Drive Move

Sitckers by MOB.Decal Design

Save Gaza

Angah Tanaka
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Nov 14, 2012

Miss Drive M7 Hypertune 2012/2013 Finals

What's up guys, lately I've been uploading a lot of photos of models. Have I changed the sole purpose of Mat Canyon? Don't worry, I haven't. Recently, Drive M7 energy drink and Hypertune Magazine has held an annual beauty pageant for their best models featured on Hypertune. Last weekend was the finale to find out was crowned the winner.
Hot rides

Sofea Fea and Mervyn Nakamura

Lee Shet Li, Lydia Lim, and Eewen Teoh
That night, aside from appearances of the usual faces of M7 like Tengku Djan and Zizan Razak, we had a special guest flown all the way from USA. Jeri Lee is not only a well known Import Model, she is also known as Miss Drive M7 USA. She also have been featured in numerous tuner magazine like Super Street.
Jeri Lee
Jeri Lee and Allen Aznan
Straight to the chase, the finalist are the following:
1) Angie Lim
2) Jayce Chin
3) Cherrie Looi
4) Ariessa Leanne lam
5) Michelle Lee
6) Stephanie Kuan
7) Christine Lim
8) Debbie Tan
9) Justina Au Yong
10) Laura Patricia
11) Naz Zeba
12) Alesia Bylina
13) Lydia Lim
14) Lee Shet Li
15) EeWen Teoh

The judges
We started the night with the contestants wearing the Drive M7 t-shirts, worn in a unique way that is. Followed by the casual wear, swimsuits and lounge wear. But on that night, contestants were required to show off their talents. I had to admit, it was beginning to look like a real talent show. I witnessed singing, burlesque performance, and even magic acts.

There were a lot of titles given away that night. Unfortunately I couldn't remember all of them since I lost the notes. Sorry for that, hehe. But the standings for the main titles are as followed:

2nd runner up:
   Stephanie Kuan
1st runner up:
   Naz Zeba
Miss Drive M7 Hypertune 2012/2013:
   Lydia Lim
Stephanie Kuan
Naz Zeba
Lydia Lim, she's a winner
I would like to take this chance to congratulate the winners. Special thanks to Drive M7, Hypertune and Miss Sabrina Chin from He & She management for having a great event. Back to cars for me. Until next time. peace!
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Nov 8, 2012

A day with Zizan Razak and his M7 Japan Mitsubishi Evo CZ4A

What's up guys. It all started out like any typical Tuesday morning. But today, I received a phone call from Wan Bro telling my to come to Speed City KL. Still wondering why, I just went there anyways. Once there I see Zizan Razak learning how to drift.
Zizan Razak
Now for those who don't know, Zizan is a comedian based from the show Raja Lawak and also happens to be an ambassador for M7 Japan. So once there, we all went out for lunch in the afternoon. After that, we were at Momentum Motorsport to grab ourselves some racing gear.

Wan Bro the boss
After shopping, we all got back to SCKL to resume Zizan's drift session. While he was doing that, I had a chance to check out his daily driver. The M7 400R spec Mitsubishi Evolution CZ4A. The stock Evo CZ4A doesn't run on the 4G powerplant anymore. Instead, it runs on a 4B11T 4 cyl. Mivec Turbo outputting 300bhp.

Wan Bro and Zizan at Speed City KL

Zizan giving a dude pose
Now Zizan's CZ4A is equipped with a few nice extras. Some of the mods on this ride are M7 oil catch tank, M7 intercooler, M7 brake pads, M7 cat-back exhaust, M7 R.A.C.E. ECU Flach, gauges and others. This car also looks good with its Enkei GTC01s wrapped with Toyo T1 Sport tires. Well, that's all from me, peace!

Enkei GTC01

CZ4A at Speed City KL

M7 gauges

M7 R.A.C.E

4B11T inside

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