Nov 29, 2012

RacepoD Final Round 2012

What's up guys. Last weekend has been a bit busy since the final round of RacepoD National Drift Series was held on the weekend. RacepoD is a pro-am drift competition which is held all over Malaysia. This weekend was in the Elite Speedway in USJ, Selangor.

Some of the names competing on that day was Tan Tat Wei, Mervyn Nakamura, Rocker Loh Kevin Rajoo and others. It went on for two days where qualifying was on Saturday and the actual competition was on Sunday. For this round, Mervyn Nakamura out-did himself by not only becoming first in qualifying but also by winning this round. Whereas 2nd was won by Deric Lim and 3rd by Tan Tat Wei.
Mervyn Nakamura
Prizes was also given to the overall winners of the championship. The standings are as followed:
   2012 Champion: Tan Tat Wei
   1st Runner Up  : Rocker Loh
   2nd Runner Up: Mervyn Nakamura
I guess that's all from me. Until next time. Peace!
Kevin Rajoo

Dave Tan with the new  Rocket Bunny body kit

Eating dirt

Rocker Loh

Tan Tat Wei hungry for proximity

Mervyn Nakamura's FD3S

Kevin Rajoo and Tan Tat Wei

Tan Tat Wei

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