Nov 7, 2012

Miss Drive M7 Hypertune 2012/2013 Semi Finals

What's up guys, it's been two weeks since ya'll heard from me. Usually I would be heading to Speed City KL on Saturday night but I decided to things a little differently. The Miss Drive M7 Hypertune competition has been going on for quite some time. The contestants consist on the best models that has been featured on Hypertune Magazine.
This event was organized by HE & SHE Management and was held at Mist Club in Bangsar. Now the contestants are divided into groups.

1. Angie Lim
2. Jayce Chin
3. Jenny Mok
4. Lauren Choo
5. Cherrie Looi

6. Ariessa Leanne Lam
7. Michelle Lee
8. Stephanie Kuan
9. Christine Lim
10. Debbie Tan

Eye Candies
11. Justina Au Yong
12. Laura Patricia
13. Qys Iryn Lay
14. Nazanian (Naz) Ziba
15. Jean Ho

Mysterious Babe
16. Alesia Bylina
17. Ramona Chang
18. See Wen Wen
19. Janet Chan
20. June Gan

Red Jingles
21. Lydia Lim
22. Jasmine Chuah
23. Gigi Lim
24. Lee Shet Li
25. Eewen Teoh
26. Cher Kong

Miss Sabrina Chin
The contestants first cat walked wearing Drive M7 T-Shirts in their own creative way. It actually blew my mind since I never knew there was so many ways to wear a t-shirt. Followed by casual wear, elegant and my favourite, swim suits.

At last, the judges had to eliminate contestant since only 15 can't proceed to the finals. It will be happening at   Mist Club on the 10th Nov at 8pm. See you there.
Eewen Teoh

Lauren Choo

Laura Patricia

Angie Lim

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