Oct 23, 2012

V8 Shakedown with Tengku Djan

What's up guys, it has been a busy, busy weekend for me. With the usual jobs and also MotoGP happening in Sepang (We'll get to that a little later). The weekend kicked of when Speed City KL emcee, Wan Bro invited me to Djan's engine testing at SCKL on Saturday morning.
BS Potenza RE-11s
Most of his team showed up and had breakfast. After that at 10.30am we started testing the machine. Djan's new engine is a Chevrolet LS7 taken from a Corvette Z06. It generates 438lb/ft of torque (594Nm) and outputs around 400bhp (298.3kW). Despite the new engine, the 180SX is still using the same basic set up including a few bits from M7 Japan.
Testing went on from morning all the way to 4pm in the afternoon. Bit by bit, the team fine tuned the car to obtain optimal performance in preparation to Formula Drift Indonesian. According to Djan, the car itself now behaves differently as he claims it became a "whole different animal". He also feels the differents in vehicle dynamics since the LS7 is heavier than the SR20DET. But on the upside, he claims that the power band is much more progressive so the car is much easier to drive throttle-wise.
  Further testing will be done in the near future. MC wishes good luck to Tengku Djan for the final Formula Drift Championship in Jakarta. That's all from me, peace!

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