Nov 7, 2014

The Melting Pot | RX7 Club Meet

Exactly what it is, a melting pot. That what was when RX7 Club Malaysia had their latest meet. It's not something normal to see an official car club meet in Malaysia to have an attendance from a variety of cars. The invite was from the RX7 Club for a chill and drink session in the west side of Kuala Lumpur. After word came out, it some how spread out to other JDM car owners looking for a good time.

Carried by word of mouth, people who own Silvia, Subaru, 350Z, GTRs and even a Renault Megane came out to join the meet. But unlike most car clubs, the RX7 Club welcomed them to the table with open arms. It's not so clear when we're at the spot, but it becomes clear when these crews go out rolling afterwards.

Even Han is in the hood!

Not only the number of rotary rockets that came out that was amazing, but to see the number of other cars that came out made it a whole new level. This is something car clubs should try to practice. Even though the organizer is named a one make car club, but its always cool to spread the word out and let a couple of friends rolling in different rides to come out. Not only they get to see different types, but it shows that this certain club has no arrogance when it comes to other makes. Reason why I point this out is because its becoming a problem for these 'brandsists'. Comes up to the point where their attitude irritates people, but it seem to become a disgust.

But anyhow, kudos to these rotary guys with their acceptance. They don't organize meets like this all the time. But when they do, MC will be there for sure. This is Kuala Lumpur street life and automotive lifestyle and its best.

Nov 2, 2014

The Strawberry Slut | A Subtle Showstopper

People always have their perceptions on sport cars. Some would feel that these kinds of cars especially ones that are done up properly are only for the elite. Some even feel that they would have to be owning twenty different cars before getting the chance to own a performance car. That was never the case for this S15 owner. Best known as Kepet, he is among many living example that have busted all these myths and perceptions about owning a performance car in Malaysia.
Just like any Nissan enthusiast, he first knew about Nissan when he knew about the Skyline GTR. Just like any kid in high school, he dreamed about owning a Skyline. But it all changed when he first watched the Japanese D1GP in 2003. One of the cars that truly got his attention was the car driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi which was the iconic HKS Nissan S15 Silvia. Since that day on, all he thought about was the S15.
At the time, Kepet was like any post-graduate at the time. The thirst of earning by his own and to have his own possessions including cars. But with the S15 stuck hard on his mind, he held back when his friends bought cars themselves. By the time when practically all his friends got cars, he was still rolling with his 100cc moped. But he could care less about it since he had a huge trick up his sleeve.
   After all ends meet, he had a chance for car hunting in Japan. it wasn't too long until he found a mint and bone stock Silvia S15 Spec S. Slightly different then the high end Spec R, instead of the 6-speed turbo, this was a 5-speed naturally aspirated version of the S15. Reason was he prioritized response over power. But this was just the beginning of his journey.
 After importing the S15, he started collecting magazines, books and other references about the S15. All he wanted to find was all the different styles of his chassis was out there. Before he realized it, it was a start of a real obsession. Kepet was looking through things like Super Street and started knowing about The Street Sweeper Gang and other interesting builds. Soon, he became intrigued with the style of drifters from Hiroshima known as Bad Quality.
That was when he found one particular S15 owned by Shota Sasada of Bad Quality. That was when he finally knew that was the style he wanted. He approached quite a couple of people from Pitworks, MadRush/Garagelife, and Overboost x Exquisite Autohaus to put together the S15 of his dreams.
After much consulting, he finally put his 'Slutberry' on the hoist to do some major surgery on his handling geometry. It all started with some custom aluminum subframe pieces made by MadRush for extra strength on his chassis. It was accompanied with GKTech  Castor / Toe / Traction / Camber Kit, Tien Flex coilovers with Part Shop MAX springs. After all has been done, he custom painted the subframe gold just to match the coilover springs.
Upon completing the suspension set up, Kepet went to Overboost x Exquisite Autohaus to modify his fenders. Wider fenders were done to accommodate wider track wheels so that it gives a flushed look. While that was completed, they also added a DMAX roof and rear spoiler to the S15.
  The S15 is pretty much done for now but far from complete. Despite for its ridiculously low ride height, but this Silvia is highly drivable. Not only doing well in competition situations but it is also claimed to be a reliable daily drive for Kepet. he didn't really follow the mainstream trends of Malaysia's S-Chassis dream and it's not exactly the over-the top modded whip but his ride never fails to turn heads.
  TUNING MENU (Slutberry)
Owner: Kepet
Model: 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec S S15
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GKTech Clutch Fan, GKTech V2 Eccentric Throttle Pulley,
Blitz LM SUS Air Filter,
HKS Super Racing 4-2-1 Exhaust Header, Trust Beatmax Ti Muffler Exhaust, deleted cat,
Nismo Oil Filler Cap, Nismo Racing Radiator Cap,
5 Speed Manual, Stock Clutch with Lightened Flywheel
GKTech Short Shifter,
GKTech Shifter Copper Bushing,
GKTech Gearbox Tension Spring.
Tomei 1.5 way LSD
Tein FLEX with Part Shop MAX SLL Spring,
GKTech V3 Castor / Toe / Traction / Camber Kit,
GKTech V3 Kit Stainless Steel Washer & Bolts,
GKTech 40mm RC Correction Kit,
Part Shop MAX Tie Rod with 555 Japan Tie Rod End,
Part Shop MAX Steering Rack Extender Bushing,
Madrush Aluminium Rear Subframe Riser,
Madrush Aluminium Rear Differential Solid Mount,
Madrush FLCA,
Madrush WonderBrace,
Madrush Adjustment Delete Spacer,
PU Bushing for Rear Knuckle / RLCA / RARB,
Cusco Type OS Front Strut Bar,
Works CR Kai 17x9jj Offset +17
Achilles ATR Sport 215/45/17 F  225/45/17 R
Stock JDM Aero Kit, Vented Fiber Hood with CF Hood Latch,
DMAX Roof & Trunk Spoiler, Madrush Hood Riser, GKTech Aero Mirror,
Custom fenders by Overboost x Exquisite Autohaus,
Bride Zeta I Kevlar with Bride Low Seat Rail,
Nardi Classico Deep Corn Perforated Leather 350mm,
NRG Quick Release & Short Hub, Nismo GT Titanium Shift Knob,
Drifthouse Drift Knob