Jan 7, 2012

Sempah with the "Abe2"

What's up guys. The year just started and the activities are just starting. Last night, I received word from Taka that there was going to be a run at 2am. During that time, I was at the Ampang Lookout so I decided to go. Once at the Touge Bistro, I met up the usual dudes. Alif Botak, The Quatros, and Aiman Civic R. Then I met these two new dudes from Kelantan. I asked more about them and it turns out it was their first time running Genting Sempah.
I rode with this dude named Maliki. I asked him a bit, and it shows it was clearly his first time. He was lucky I was in the passenger seat. Once at the mountain, I showed him the Sempah racing line. The dude was nervous, but he did very well for a first timer. Kudos for you, dude.
Once at the RnR, Maliki told us that he was shaken by the road, but we knew he loved it. Ater that, we continued up to Genting. But the Quatros went back early. Soon after having a round of drinks, we went back down. This time I rode the Civic R. It was great meeting these new guys, hope to see them again at the touge.
After finishing the run, I rode with Aiman to fetch my bike. But Aiman told me to drive his car. I thought he was kidding, but if a guy asks you to get a crack at his CTR, never say no. Honestly, his ride makes me nervous, but I have to admit that I liked it. Well, that's all from me. Until next time, peace!

Jan 5, 2012

The Run Before New Years

What's up guys. You must be wondering what happens next after the SIC attack that morning. Syawal texted me for a run up Sempah to "lepas geram" since during his run at SIC, the Starlet broke down. Co-incidentally, Muz i10, Kudut, Zoul Kancil, Taka and Alif were available, so they tagged along.

Not much to talk about except that for the first time this year, I got car sick while riding with Syawal. Straight up a good driver using every skill in the book. Weight transfers, heel toes, tuck ins, you name it. His hillclimb only took him 11 minutes.

After that, Kudut gave the idea to head to Bukit Tinggi. We gave it a try and it was also my first time to go up there. The corners and slope was quite an epic sight. When it comes to most beautiful, Bukit Tinggi made my pick.

Just like the Sempah hillclimb, the downhill run by Syawal was just as epic. But there was a little twist, just before the finish line, a truck took our side of the road. We hit a wet spot and Syawal's ride oversteered but he manage to save his ride. Right after that, we smiled and laughed, it was the perfect finale for the run and the whole year. We arrived at Gombak at 7pm with smiles on our faces. A great finale for a great year of action. Until next time, peace!

Jan 1, 2012

SIC New Years Attack

What's up guys. I would just like to say a Happy New Year. I know I had a good one. I might not have a party on New Years eve, but I had one 15 hours before. I was invited to join a Sepang track day session by Ariel EF9 and Oreedo when I was hanging out at Juara Seafood next to the Wise Speed Autoworks in Subang. I arrived at 9.30am and met up with Syawal, Shalie TR, Azim, at the track. It turns out Ariel was renting out his Toyota Starlet that I tested out the night before at Wise Speed.

At the same time, Botak Traffic and Azham were making their own lap times with a track tuned rally Impreza GC8. After a few runs, the Starlet faced minor problems and had to retire. Turns out there was something wrong with the connecting rods of the engine. The Impreza on the other hand had problems with traction. On that day, a lot of Subarus came out. The other cars that ran that day were and Integra DC5, A R34 Skyline GTR, A Renault Megane RS and Megane R26R and a Toyota Altezza.

At 12 noon, we rapped up our runs and finished our track day. I left with a definite sunburn. We chilled at a restaurant in Sepang and had lunch. I for sure had a good time and will be back. I know you guys want to know what happens that evening. Stay tuned to find out.
(To be continued)

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