Dec 27, 2011

The KKK: Kuala Klawang Kei-Cars

What's up guys, it's been nearly a month since the last post. The reason is December has been a quiet month. My ride has been collecting dust since it hasn't ran for a while. On a quiet Monday afternoon, my buddy Kudut gave me a call telling me that Amir Kancil  was in town and wanting to run the Klawang pass. I agreed to tag along.

After picking up Kudut, we met Amir at the Tekali dam at 5.30pm. Half hour later, Zoul Kancil, Taka and their buddies arrived. After that, we went off.

That evening, there was a lot of traffic since it was a Christmas weekend. We did quite a casual run. About 8 minutes plus to the Selangor border. Once there, I tried out the Negeri Sembilan side, alone. It was my first time and it turns out to be a great stretch of touge. The road leads to the town of Kuala Klawang in 25km.

After I got back, we straight away went downhill on the Selangor side. But I didn't tell the others that my brakes were already fading. Smooth move smart a$$. We finished that run led by Zoul, followed by Amir, me and Hannan MyVi.

We had dinner at the Ampang lookout and met Ayap Neo there since he wanted to return something to me. We all left at 9pm that night. All went well. Until next time

(Special thanks to Kudut for the video)

Dec 5, 2011

Run to First World with the R

What's up guys. I know last month has been kinda slow but December was opened up by a run to the all so famous First World Plaza on the top of Genting Highlands.

It turned out the boys left without me, so I hopped on the bike at climbed Genting Sempah via Karak Expressway (E8). Once at the RnR, I met up with Mizta Neo, except he wasn't driving his Neo. He showed up with two friends in an FN2R Civic. Damn! He was followed by Taka, Zoul Zharif, Azam Neo, Soon Lee, and others.

 Temptations took over, I took the chance to take the CTR for a spin. At first the engine died since I wasn't familiar with its clutch. Once I was going, I got to feel the superb ride quality. I loved it. It was also a great chick magnet. Trust me, if you want attention, a CTR will help.

I left my bike at the Petronas at Sempah and rode with Azam. The first leg was from RnR Sempah to Awana. We let Mizta driving the CTR lead, at first he was swerving the car to warm up the tires. Once it hit the temperature, the CTR just vanished through the corners. The VTEC was roaring. Me and Azam just watch silently in the car. Damn the CTR's fast.

Mizta got out of the car smiling. We know he had a good run. So we all got together for yum cha at the usual mamak. After a while, Soon Lee told us he needed to refuel but he needed Ron 97 fuel. Since Petronas didn't have it, we thought of going to Esso at the top of Genting. So we all agreed to go for the second leg to First World Plaza.

So we continued, Azam tried to catch Mizta in the CTR but failed. Soon Lee in his California Wagon went further but also failed. It felt like a very quick run but the road itself was full of trash. It was very hazardous.We got to the Esso and it turns out there was no Ron 97 too. So we hung out for a while and started the downhill run after.

We started slow first since there was low visibility and hazardous conditions. Once we reached Awana, we all stepped on it. Mizta flew with the CTR while Taka tried to chase with this Persona. It was a totally fun and action packed night. The run ended at 5.30am. Me, Soon Lee, Mizta and Azam returned to KL via the E8 while Taka and Zoul took the old Sempah route. Well that's all from me. Happy hillrunning :)