Mar 28, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 65.0

What's up guys. Last weekend at Speed City was the 65th edition to the SNDA series.Back with drift action that cannot be found anywhere else. That night we welcomed a guest rapper, IBI dropping some freestyle verses on the mic.

This week, we  also welcomed the Persona X Club consisting on Proton Persona and Special Evolution. Aside from that, Velocity Race Innovation also came to promote their products ranging from suspension, engine components and even lubricant by Kixx. It was not short from drift action. Until next time, peace.

Mar 23, 2013

South Korean Slider by Sequence

What's up guys. What we have is something special from South Korea. After having a little chat with a friend of mines about a drift event happening in Yeongnam International Circuit, he was nice enough to share his drift machine to me.

 I have to admit, it looks pretty bad-ass for a JDM ride from Korea. With a C-West kit, bright yellow paint and such, the specs are pretty straight forward. Just what a drifter needs. Tuned by Sequence Garage in Seongman, just outside Seoul, this car got some nice goodies for the S15 enthusiast.
Model: Nissan Silvia Spec-R (S15)
Owner: Oh Taegeun ( 오태근 )
Location: Seongnam, South Korea
Power: 350 bhp / 45kg/m torque
Engine: SR20DET
Suspension: APEXi Drift coilovers
Wheels: NISMO LM-GT4 17 x 9.5 jj (all round)
Tires: Hankook Ventus RS-3 245/40/17
Exterior: Full C-West body kit

Pretty simple set up but this dude has proved that the Koreans are doing it right. If you got a sweet ride, just contact me through MC Facebook Page or e-mail to with high resolution pics and specs.  Until next time. Peace!

Mar 18, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 64.0

What's up guys, we are all here at Speed City KL  for another gangbanger drift session on SNDA 64. This week, we got new products from Hoonigan. (So that explains why Djan is so spray happy with the aerosol paint)

This week, we welcome Viva Club and Special Evolution for the parade ride. The session wasn't short from drift action. This week, we also welcome and Format67 from Germany who were there filming a movie on their tour in Kuala Lumpur. Well, until next time, peace!

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Preview of my shoot with Lydia Lim

Mar 17, 2013

Flush Style 2nd Anniversary 2013

What's up, guys. For those who are reading, ya'll are lucky to score an exclusive scoop about the stance scene straight outta Bangkok. Last weekend was the Flush Style 2nd Anniversary held at Bangkokthonburi University in Bangkok.

Here were some of the happenings of the event:
 Featuring car show
★ Allstar HellaFlush & Flush
★ VIP & Airsus suspension
★ 70-80's Japan Retro
★ Euro Classic
★ American Muscle
★ Performance / Drift Car

International Guest
★ Negative Flush (Malaysia)
★ 3lack Underground (Australia)
★ Andrey Drive (Russia)
★ Hellaflush BOTTOM OUT Macau
★ Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted (Philippines)
★ Team Street (Malaysia)
★ Custom Cars (Japan)

Featuring Group
★ Crisipy Clean
★ FSTi Thailand
★ K Factory
★ Northern Flush
★ AddZest Car Color Group
★ Low Lad'bang
★ Southern Stance
★ FSSP (Flush Samutprakarn)
★ Realing crawl
★ Eastern Flush
★ F*ckin Car-Low Damn
★ Offset Origin
★ Rolling Support
★ ACROPHOBIA (FlushStyle Ubon Ratchathani)
★ Parental Units
★ Up 2 Gu
★ Rolling NON
★ Rangsit Stance

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Special thanks to John Chong TeamStreet for the photos

Mar 14, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 63.0

What's up guys. We're back with our usual sideways mayhem at SCKL. Last week's action at the ProAm competition was crazy. Causing the drifters this week to still be pumped by the competition.
 As we still use the track layout from last week, things were still crazy and we even saw attempts to reverse-entry. Think its all the same, but I was wow-ed when I saw a totally different drift missile. I bet you like to see Sylvia with her top off. (That sounded different in my head). That's right, a topless S15.

This week we welcome KLS. Kuala Lumpur Swifters which is a car club consisting from Suzuki Swifts from the Klang valley. That's all from me. Until next time. Peace!

Djan Ley next to his Toyta 86 / Scion FR-S
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