Mar 23, 2013

South Korean Slider by Sequence

What's up guys. What we have is something special from South Korea. After having a little chat with a friend of mines about a drift event happening in Yeongnam International Circuit, he was nice enough to share his drift machine to me.

 I have to admit, it looks pretty bad-ass for a JDM ride from Korea. With a C-West kit, bright yellow paint and such, the specs are pretty straight forward. Just what a drifter needs. Tuned by Sequence Garage in Seongman, just outside Seoul, this car got some nice goodies for the S15 enthusiast.
Model: Nissan Silvia Spec-R (S15)
Owner: Oh Taegeun ( 오태근 )
Location: Seongnam, South Korea
Power: 350 bhp / 45kg/m torque
Engine: SR20DET
Suspension: APEXi Drift coilovers
Wheels: NISMO LM-GT4 17 x 9.5 jj (all round)
Tires: Hankook Ventus RS-3 245/40/17
Exterior: Full C-West body kit

Pretty simple set up but this dude has proved that the Koreans are doing it right. If you got a sweet ride, just contact me through MC Facebook Page or e-mail to with high resolution pics and specs.  Until next time. Peace!

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