Mar 1, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 62.0

What's up guys, after coming back from a very long vacation. I came back to Speed City KL for my weekly coverage there. All started when good friend of mine, William Chin aka Emcee Will I Am called me to help with a little side project. Since now Youtube is trending with Harlem Shake videos, we decided to make our own. Besides me and the guys from SCKL, we also called the CEO of Farqer Clothing which happens to be the clothing sponsor for MC.

After wrapping up, SNDA started. Tonight was a bit chaotic since the number of drifters increased dramatically this week. Aside from that, a new track layout was done for the Federal Tyres Pro Am Drift Series round 2. This time the length is longer and some might require reverse entry. Damn, that's insane.

 This week, the car club that's invited consists of a JDM classic. EG Dolphin Malaysia made their apperence and they consists of, you guessed it, Honda Civic EG6s. All were clean, mean and loud. Well that's all from me, don't forget to come on 2nd March 2013 for the 2nd round of the Federal Tyres Pro Ams. Until next time, peace!

For full album, check out Mat Canyon's Facebook Page

Harlem Shake from Speed City, Mat Canyon and Farqer

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