Dec 27, 2011

The KKK: Kuala Klawang Kei-Cars

What's up guys, it's been nearly a month since the last post. The reason is December has been a quiet month. My ride has been collecting dust since it hasn't ran for a while. On a quiet Monday afternoon, my buddy Kudut gave me a call telling me that Amir Kancil  was in town and wanting to run the Klawang pass. I agreed to tag along.

After picking up Kudut, we met Amir at the Tekali dam at 5.30pm. Half hour later, Zoul Kancil, Taka and their buddies arrived. After that, we went off.

That evening, there was a lot of traffic since it was a Christmas weekend. We did quite a casual run. About 8 minutes plus to the Selangor border. Once there, I tried out the Negeri Sembilan side, alone. It was my first time and it turns out to be a great stretch of touge. The road leads to the town of Kuala Klawang in 25km.

After I got back, we straight away went downhill on the Selangor side. But I didn't tell the others that my brakes were already fading. Smooth move smart a$$. We finished that run led by Zoul, followed by Amir, me and Hannan MyVi.

We had dinner at the Ampang lookout and met Ayap Neo there since he wanted to return something to me. We all left at 9pm that night. All went well. Until next time

(Special thanks to Kudut for the video)

Dec 5, 2011

Run to First World with the R

What's up guys. I know last month has been kinda slow but December was opened up by a run to the all so famous First World Plaza on the top of Genting Highlands.

It turned out the boys left without me, so I hopped on the bike at climbed Genting Sempah via Karak Expressway (E8). Once at the RnR, I met up with Mizta Neo, except he wasn't driving his Neo. He showed up with two friends in an FN2R Civic. Damn! He was followed by Taka, Zoul Zharif, Azam Neo, Soon Lee, and others.

 Temptations took over, I took the chance to take the CTR for a spin. At first the engine died since I wasn't familiar with its clutch. Once I was going, I got to feel the superb ride quality. I loved it. It was also a great chick magnet. Trust me, if you want attention, a CTR will help.

I left my bike at the Petronas at Sempah and rode with Azam. The first leg was from RnR Sempah to Awana. We let Mizta driving the CTR lead, at first he was swerving the car to warm up the tires. Once it hit the temperature, the CTR just vanished through the corners. The VTEC was roaring. Me and Azam just watch silently in the car. Damn the CTR's fast.

Mizta got out of the car smiling. We know he had a good run. So we all got together for yum cha at the usual mamak. After a while, Soon Lee told us he needed to refuel but he needed Ron 97 fuel. Since Petronas didn't have it, we thought of going to Esso at the top of Genting. So we all agreed to go for the second leg to First World Plaza.

So we continued, Azam tried to catch Mizta in the CTR but failed. Soon Lee in his California Wagon went further but also failed. It felt like a very quick run but the road itself was full of trash. It was very hazardous.We got to the Esso and it turns out there was no Ron 97 too. So we hung out for a while and started the downhill run after.

We started slow first since there was low visibility and hazardous conditions. Once we reached Awana, we all stepped on it. Mizta flew with the CTR while Taka tried to chase with this Persona. It was a totally fun and action packed night. The run ended at 5.30am. Me, Soon Lee, Mizta and Azam returned to KL via the E8 while Taka and Zoul took the old Sempah route. Well that's all from me. Happy hillrunning :)

Nov 12, 2011

Chill: GBKT with Ariel, Oreedo and friends

11.11.11 was an epic date. I spent it doing some photo work that evening. When the sun went down, while the boys go touge'ing up Sempah, I take time to slow down to chill with the big boys of Malaysian Touge.Ariel EF9 invited me to Damansara to have some Ginger Beef Kuey Tiow with his boys. Why not? I was free on that Friday night, right?
I got there around 11, Ariel was accompanied by Reedzuan "Oreedo", Syawal, and friends. We chilled there up until 2.30am. I realized the opportunity I had so I asked them a lot on improving my driving, weight transfer, etc. Syawal even used this cool app on his iPhone to show weight transfer.

Besides that, we also "bertarbiah" about Touge ethics. How drivers respect each other during a run. It is known as 'the pace'. We just don't see that anymore. (Even I realized that).
Lastly, Ariel and Oreedo started to tell me something that I find very valuable, good starter cars for both track use and touge use. This is his picks.

1. EF9 preferably with a B18C (Of course, Ariel drives this car and he loves it)

2. EG6..he says by the time I graduate, we can get this cheap.

3. DC2..pricey to buy but cheap body parts, the car itself is an FF that behaves like an FR.

It was nice chilling with them, got a lot of valuable knowledge and info. Well, that's all I have to say. Until next time.

Oct 24, 2011

Genting Sempah: Run of the Black and White

What's up guys, have you been touge'ing lately? Well these guys have. That night I was chilling with my buddy in Selayang when I got a text from Hafis Quatro inviting me for a run. I only had my bike while Kelly was at home so I told him I'll be a passanger. I got to the Touge Bistro, we waited with Taka-San but no one showed up. Only this new kid named Alif driving an all black Neo.
This is not an advert
So, we decided to just run at 12am. We had a killer run, everything went smooth. I was even surprised by Alif's skill and talent. Damn he was fast! He told me that he went up Sempah for 3 days in a row! Damn!
We arrived at the RnR. I tried to get to know the new guy. It turns out that he was a regular track driver competing in Saturday Night Fever. Oh, so that's where the skills come from.
So, we continued downhill to get some roti canai at Gombak. It was casual at first, but suddenly Hafis stopped his car at the waterfall. He decided to let Taka drive. Sh!t. So as usual he starts slow, but knowing that he owns Sempah, he started speeding up. The cool thing was, Alif was kissing bumpers with Taka and that was incredible. Running at an average at 90-120kph, it was an adrenaline rush. After ripping through Sempah, we arrived at the roti canai stall at the bottom to fill our bellies. Had a round of drinks with that, then we went our separate ways. It was the best run this week since it was the first dry midnight run.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Alil and Bee for tying the note on on the 16th October. Hope you guys will have a great marriage. Til next time yo!

Oct 20, 2011

Light Trail

What's up guys. Last Wednesday night, I was out in KL doing a photography assignment on traffic light trails. That night was drizzling and I didn't bring an umbrella or jacket. Some of the locations I went was Merdeka Square, Pavilion,and P.Ramlee Street.I worked and stood in the rain from 8pm till 11pm. After work is done, I went straight to Don's Char Kuew Tiow to have a round drinks with Taka-San and Alif Botak. Check out the shots yourself. Enjoy :)

Things you need
1.A DSLR Camera
3.Remote release
4.A busy street

How to do it
1.Find a busy street and go to that location at night. Set up the tripod at the desired angle.
2.Set the camera to the lowest possible ISO and set the aperture one stop from the smallest aperture (f16 or f22 depending on the camera).
3.Set the shutter speed to a suitable speed, experiment with different speeds e.g. 20, 30, 45, 60 sec.
4.Shoot during continuous traffic flow comes. Shoot using a remote release. If you don't have one, use the the timer. Its practically the same function.
5.Get creative!

Two white cups and I got that drink
Could be purple, it could be pink
Depending on how you mix that shit
Money that we got, never get that shit


Until next time guys, peace!

Oct 9, 2011

ITR DC2 Sketch Up model by AT

What's up peeps. This is just a short entry but its dedicated to one of my fave cars of all time the Honda/Acura Integra Type R DC2. This is a Google Sketch Up Model by As'ad Tamimi aka Ety. The dimensions were based on the Spec 98 ITR.

Honda Integra DC2
Drive Layout: FF
Engine: B18C
Displacement: 1796cc
Compression: 1.1:11
Bore and Stroke: 81/87.2mm
Max Power: 187BHP/200PS@8000rpm
Max Torque: 131 lb/ft / 18.5kg/m @ 7500rpm
Redline: 7900rpm
VTEC Interference: 5700rpm
Weight: 1160kg
Top speed: 140mph/230kph
0-100kph: 6.7s


Oct 2, 2011

Kelawang Nights: FC3S Out From Nowhere

How do I start this...First thing, the attendance of the Kelawang Nights event was totally disappointing with nobody showing up. That's what happens when a noob makes an event. I was chilling with Amir at a mamak in Pekan Ulu Langat. While waiting for my accomplice, Shalie of TOUGE-R to show up, me and Amir saw someone passing our stall going our way. Ryosuke of Red Suns. I quickly called up Taka-san to demand for Ryosuke's number so that we have more runners to Kelawang.
Once we got his attention, Ryosuke told us he will be on the Tekali Pass so we better hurry if we wanna meet up with him. SO we saddled up and head straight for the pass.At first I was just cruising, suddenly when Don't Turn It Off by Go2 started playing, I started speeding up through the pass. Amir and Shalie were puzzled by my sudden change of driving behavior. Honestly, I was puzzled too, lol!
We met up with Ryosuke at opposite directions. We were heading eastbound while Ryosuke was heading westbound, kinda felt like an Initial-D battle. So we stopped at the side, introduced each other and offered him to run with us. Despite the bad-ass car, he was a really nice guy. So we started running the Tekali Pass, I was running faster than how I'm suppose to, so I nearly loss grip at a long right corner. So damn scary, should be more careful.
Since the lack of attendance for the 'so-called' event I organized, I can actually concentrate on setting a time on the Kelawang Pass. (This happens to be a criteria in order to join TOUGE-R) So I went of to set a personal time with Kelly Scha, which happens to be a stock-ass Kelisa with auto-transmission. With the help and motivation of Ryosuke and his FC3S, I pushed very hard. My time is as following

Kelawang Hillclimb: 08'15"06"'
Kelawang Downhill: 08'19"06"'

I'm satisfied with those times, especially since I'm running a Kelisa. After a full shakedown on the Kelawang Line. Ryosuka gave me an opportunity to co-pilot him in his FC3S. I was like "Sure, how bad could it be". God, I was dead wrong,! I nearly loss my stomach and saw my life flash before me. He was fast as f*ck! But Alhamdulillah I lived.
Lastly, I would like to thank Shalie TOUGE-R with brother and sister in their K3 Myvi, Amir in his L500 "Bumble Busuk" and Ryosuke Red Suns inhis FC3S for coming out tonight. It was totally a fun yet adrenaline pumping run. Untill next time, Peace

-Touge 4 life!

Sep 30, 2011

This is all so new

What's up guys. I just started using blogger, but I still have trouble getting around the CCS, HTML etc. To be honest, I kinda out dated. That's why only now I have a blog. Well, I guess that's all. Gotta get some rest cause tomorrow after Kerul Botak's wedding, I'll be running the Kelawang line for another midnight touge session. Until next time, peace!

PS: Congrats to Kerul Botak. Time for family planning. Ngeh3!