Oct 24, 2011

Genting Sempah: Run of the Black and White

What's up guys, have you been touge'ing lately? Well these guys have. That night I was chilling with my buddy in Selayang when I got a text from Hafis Quatro inviting me for a run. I only had my bike while Kelly was at home so I told him I'll be a passanger. I got to the Touge Bistro, we waited with Taka-San but no one showed up. Only this new kid named Alif driving an all black Neo.
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So, we decided to just run at 12am. We had a killer run, everything went smooth. I was even surprised by Alif's skill and talent. Damn he was fast! He told me that he went up Sempah for 3 days in a row! Damn!
We arrived at the RnR. I tried to get to know the new guy. It turns out that he was a regular track driver competing in Saturday Night Fever. Oh, so that's where the skills come from.
So, we continued downhill to get some roti canai at Gombak. It was casual at first, but suddenly Hafis stopped his car at the waterfall. He decided to let Taka drive. Sh!t. So as usual he starts slow, but knowing that he owns Sempah, he started speeding up. The cool thing was, Alif was kissing bumpers with Taka and that was incredible. Running at an average at 90-120kph, it was an adrenaline rush. After ripping through Sempah, we arrived at the roti canai stall at the bottom to fill our bellies. Had a round of drinks with that, then we went our separate ways. It was the best run this week since it was the first dry midnight run.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Alil and Bee for tying the note on on the 16th October. Hope you guys will have a great marriage. Til next time yo!

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