Oct 2, 2011

Kelawang Nights: FC3S Out From Nowhere

How do I start this...First thing, the attendance of the Kelawang Nights event was totally disappointing with nobody showing up. That's what happens when a noob makes an event. I was chilling with Amir at a mamak in Pekan Ulu Langat. While waiting for my accomplice, Shalie of TOUGE-R to show up, me and Amir saw someone passing our stall going our way. Ryosuke of Red Suns. I quickly called up Taka-san to demand for Ryosuke's number so that we have more runners to Kelawang.
Once we got his attention, Ryosuke told us he will be on the Tekali Pass so we better hurry if we wanna meet up with him. SO we saddled up and head straight for the pass.At first I was just cruising, suddenly when Don't Turn It Off by Go2 started playing, I started speeding up through the pass. Amir and Shalie were puzzled by my sudden change of driving behavior. Honestly, I was puzzled too, lol!
We met up with Ryosuke at opposite directions. We were heading eastbound while Ryosuke was heading westbound, kinda felt like an Initial-D battle. So we stopped at the side, introduced each other and offered him to run with us. Despite the bad-ass car, he was a really nice guy. So we started running the Tekali Pass, I was running faster than how I'm suppose to, so I nearly loss grip at a long right corner. So damn scary, should be more careful.
Since the lack of attendance for the 'so-called' event I organized, I can actually concentrate on setting a time on the Kelawang Pass. (This happens to be a criteria in order to join TOUGE-R) So I went of to set a personal time with Kelly Scha, which happens to be a stock-ass Kelisa with auto-transmission. With the help and motivation of Ryosuke and his FC3S, I pushed very hard. My time is as following

Kelawang Hillclimb: 08'15"06"'
Kelawang Downhill: 08'19"06"'

I'm satisfied with those times, especially since I'm running a Kelisa. After a full shakedown on the Kelawang Line. Ryosuka gave me an opportunity to co-pilot him in his FC3S. I was like "Sure, how bad could it be". God, I was dead wrong,! I nearly loss my stomach and saw my life flash before me. He was fast as f*ck! But Alhamdulillah I lived.
Lastly, I would like to thank Shalie TOUGE-R with brother and sister in their K3 Myvi, Amir in his L500 "Bumble Busuk" and Ryosuke Red Suns inhis FC3S for coming out tonight. It was totally a fun yet adrenaline pumping run. Untill next time, Peace

-Touge 4 life!


  1. awek mne lak...kalo adik member, kne la minx izin abg dia dlu :P

  2. awek? mane awek.. keke.. takkan simpan buat personal collection kot.. kekeke.. :p

  3. cm ak ckp...tny abg nyer dlu la....hahaha