Jan 5, 2015

Mat Canyon X Yana | Driven and Flossin pictorial

A few months back, MC started producing their own t-shirts for the masses. In collaboration with Revsuit Apparel, until date we were able to produce two designs that are available by pre-order. Recently we were able to have a photoshoot with Yana who is a freelance model. Yana has been appearing in the car show scene for quite a while and also have appeared on Hypertune Magazine. You can follow her tumblr at http://absoluteyana.tumblr.com/


"Driven, Not Parked", the MC tagline has always referred to the gear head's lifestyle where by all means, the enthusiast has an urge to find a chance to drive his beloved machine. Car show titles and displaying the car hard-parked is not a priority but the joy of interacting with the ride he built or own. In other context, it is also a type of mentality where a person is always in a dynamic state where one doesn't want to stay in one place. Therefore, one is driven to go bigger, do better, and be ahead of the rest.


"Flossin' without even tryin" is a situation where someone grabs attention and 'breaks necks' with just his build or the activity he does. All the person does is incorporate his or her style, do whatever he pleases yet grabs attention from the rest of the crowd. Most importantly, the person does not tell others about what one possesses. In other words, he doesn't talk shit. The person just let the creation and style speak for itself.

Special Thanks to Garagelife to provide the set.
Special Thanks to Yana as the talent