Jun 25, 2015

The Lost Twin | ST Wangan's RE Amemiya RX7

Throughout the years, the world of motorsport has always been influential to car enthusiast everywhere. Ever since professional racing started, there have been a huge number of iconic cars that appear from almost every race series thinkable. A couple of examples of competition cars that achieve an icon status range from the Gulf Ford GT40 in Le Mans to the Ralliart Mitsubishi Evo in the WRC.

Japan became no exception when it comes to iconic status when the Calsonic Nissan R32 GTR started to hit the circuit. After that, JDM fanatics around the world started following their favourite iconic car in whatever race series they compete in. In the world of drifting, the cars in the D1 Grand Prix had their crowd of hardcore fans. One of the cars that captured the imagination was the RE Amemiya RX7 FD3S.

Ever since the D1 Grand Prix started, RE Amemiya, a tuning house that specialized in rotaries, has always been a contender in the series. Back in the early years, they always send out their competition FD3S sporting the iconic baby blue that most of their competition cars would use. Most recently, their time attack FD3S dubbed ‘Hurricane 7’ is also painted in the same colour. Thus, one doesn’t need to be a genius to know that if a rotary is in that shade of blue, it is most likely built by RE Amemiya.

Around 2006, a workshop called ST Wangan was approached by an anonymous customer. The task given, to build an RX7 FD3S with a budget of RM 500 000 with no compromise. At the time, they never had a full on rotary project car at this scale. But for inspiration, they looked the RE Amemiya D1 RX7 as a guideline for the build.

The customer decided to buy the parts necessary for the build before purchasing the car. The items purchased ranged from wheels to the original RE Amemiya full aero kit. After most of the parts have been purchased, he finally found an FD3S to be used as the platform for the build. However, despite being sold for 30K, the car was in such terrible condition. After the purchase was made, he drove the car to ST Wangan. Upon arrival, the 13B motor blew in front of the shop.

The build started in 2007, the first thing they needed to do was to refurbish the chassis. They replaced the blown motor with a fresh crate engine specially built by RE Amemiya in Japan. The motor come with their 3 piece apex seals and bridgeport work done. After the motor was assembled with the bolt on turbo components from GReddy which includes a TD07-25G single turbine, it was dropped inside the refurbished chassis.

After the engine work was done, a set of Tein Monoflex coilovers and Endless 6 pot brakes was fitted to provide sufficient handling and stopping power. To complete the look of the car, the complete RE Amemiya aero kit was fitted and the car was painted the iconic baby blue that is used for the actual D1 Grand Prix competition car. The amount of detail was given careful attention with the smaller detailed bits like the RE Amemiya fender mirrors and door step. One cannot help but to look in awe.

The impression it gives to anyone that looks at the car is just moving. One can’t help but to be impressed by the attention of detail that was given to this FD3S. But the car is not “all show no go” because after completion, it was sent to ST Powered in Singapore to be tuned by Jun Furukawa. The outcome was 550 bhp and 65 kgm torque at 1.5 bar of boost.

 Sadly, after I went to see the FD3S, I got word from my friends at ST Wangan that the owner wishes to sell the FD3S at an asking price of RM120K. So for those who wants to own this very nice RX7, you can approach the guys at ST Wangan. For all the work done on the car, I would say it’s worth every penny.            

Owner: ST Wangan
Model: 1995 Mazda RX7 FD3S
Location: Bandar Sunway, Malaysia

1.3L 13B REW Rotary
Built by RE Amemiya with Bridgeport
RE Amemiya Super 3-piece Apex Seals
GReddy V-Mount Intercooler
GReddy Full Titanium Exhaust
GReddy Type R BOV
GReddy Wastegate
GReddy Oil Cooler
GReddy Double Layer Radiator
GReddy TD07-25G Turbo
GReddy Turbo Piping
GReddy Airinx Filter        
APEXi Power FC tuned by Jun Furukawa

5 speed manual
OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
 Kaaz Full Lock LSD

Tein Monoflex Coilovers
Autoexe Front Strut Bar
FEED Room Bar
Endless Front 6-pot calipers
Endless Slotted brake rotors

Enkei GTC01 18 x 9jj Offset +18 (F) 18 x 10 Offset +18 (R)
Front: Toyo Proxes T1R 265/35/18
Rear: Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 285/35/18

RE Amemiya Full Aero Kit
RE Amemiya Carbon Hood
RE Amemiya GT2 carbon GT wing
RE Amemiya Fender mirrors
IPF headlights

Blitz meters.
Mazdaspeed meter cluster
Mazdaspeed carbon hand brake knob and gear lever
Mazdaspeed foot pedals
Bride Low Max Stradia Seats
Matching rear Parcel shelf cover
MOMO steering wheel
Works Bell steering column
RE Amemiya carbon door step