Oct 21, 2014

The Tandem Prowl | JZA70 X A31

Every now and then, we would always have those unplanned nights out. Ironically, its those unplanned nights that become the best outings. The night was only to run in our friend's clutch on his Mark 3 Supra. Then when another friend of ours came out with his A31 Cefiro, we decided to hit Kuala Lumpur. But it wasn't just a pleasure cruise, turned out to be a hoon session that brought out our worst behavior. What came out of this is these set of photos and a short film. Enjoy!

Mat Canyon | Tandem Prowl from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

Oct 16, 2014

Dinner And A Movie | Backwheels Bitches BBQ and a Cruise

When it comes to car guys, they will find ways to do things with their cars in their sight. It could be from having a picnic or window shopping or just parking somewhere to ease one's mind. Nearing the end of September, I was called out by the Backwheels Bitches to join them for a Barbeque dinner at a dope night spot at Doraisamy.The spot we were called at was the Sun Bistro and Lax Club Lounge. Since it was owned by one of BWB's members, we had the freedom to park out front while we were eating in.

The cook out wasn't just for the BWB members only, so they called out a couple of close friends to call out their soldiers. Some might expect to see pre-1980s rides only but since that wasn't the case, a lot of street rides came out.

Pulling up to the night spot, we were promised to have our rides out front and we got it. A estimate of 25-30 rides filled up the narrow street that became the eye candy for the night. Assuming this night spot would have pricey drink prices like any other club, I couldn't be more wrong. It turns out the Sun Bistro runs just like a restaurant in the day all the way to midnight. Party only starts after that. I guess I found a new night spot to hit for decompressing.

After filling our cup and our bellies, we were pretty winded up. So in genuine car guys' fashion, we decided to head out for a cruise in Kuala Lumpur. Basically we decided since all these rides came out, they should floss in their rides since its a busy Saturday night KL. All the soldiers were assembled and people from many different car backgrounds followed. Either they were a highway runner, drifter, stancer or a BWB member, we all rolled out through the city from Doraisamy to the iconic Royal Selangor Club near Merdeka Square. Great way to wrap up the night.