Jan 17, 2017

Thirsty For Blood | Leslie's Mitsubishi Evo

A lot of us work hard everyday to make a living. So despite the constant responsibilities, we love to reward ourselves with something once in a while for all the sweat we poured. While some may prefer vacation getaways or a well furnished home, some people like to reward themselves with hobby project. That was how this project Evo came to be.

While going through social media, I noticed my good friend Ah Kit from Cruise Power Car Services in Sri Petaling posting up a project car that he just finished working on. Just like his own personal car that we featured in early 2016, this CT9A was dressed up in full Voltex aero parts. If that's not eye-catching enough, this CT9A is painted in a very brilliant shade of red. Probably one of the purest you will see on any car. So knowing the level of work Ah Kit can do to any Evo, this particular one would be a special treat to check out.

For the proud owner of this Evo, Leslie who is an art director by profession states that this is purely his project car. Despite not making any major issues, he hasn't really had a chance to drive this car often due to his nature of work. Understandably, he managed to keep the car in immaculate condition. Unlike many cars that spend most of it's time hibernating, this Evo has no problem starting up anytime.

 When it comes to his interest of cars, Leslie have always considered himself an Evo guy. He started liking Evos ever since his school days when the Evo 4 CN9A debuted. He met Ah Kit around a decade ago when he owned an Evo 6. It was only shortly after that, he decided to let the Evo 6 go for this Evo 7 CT9A. Not long after that, he started to slowly build his dream Evo. For the first three years of ownership, he was sending his car to Boostzone Motorsports in Johor Bahru. But due to the factor of distance, he decided to give the job of taking car of his car to Ah Kit in Kuala Lumpur.

 After all these years of having the CT9A, Leslie made sure no detail is spared on his car. The stock seats were replaced with a pair of Bride Cuga semi bucket seats with matching Bride print wrapped on the rear seats. He also got himself a Ralliart meter cluster and gear knob. Just to bring things up another level, he also have a Cusco 6-point bolt-on roll cage installed. It some how gives the feeling that you are in a proper race car. Love it or hate it, having a roll cage installed on your street car does sound very cool.

Of course with all the visible accessories, the motor of this Evo also came with the hardware to match. The 4G63 motor is fully built with Tomei internals including pistons, crankshaft and camshafts. The turbocharger on the motor is an APEX'i RX6 turbine that is paired with an APEX'i external wastegate and screamer pipe. Even though the motor still not completely tuned, the baseline map on the engine management system was able to pump out around 400 horsepower at 1.4 bars of boost. The car is still currently waiting for its next dyno session for further fine tuning.

After getting a chance to see and even drive this car briefly, I am very eager to see this car at its full potential. It is like a blade of a master swordsman that hasn't been sharpened yet. Of course with Ah Kit's know-how and Leslie's vision, I am confident that this Evo can meet it's full potential and possibly be one of the best street tuned cars in Kuala Lumpur. But for Leslie, it is not about being the fastest or to impress others but it is purely for his pleasure to be able to own and build up his ideal Evo.

Owner: Leslie Ewe
Model: 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CT9A
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

2.0L 4G63 Inline-4,
Tomei 2.3 liter Stroker Kit,
Tomei 270 Procams,
Tomei Valve Springs,
Tomei Head Gasket,
Tomei Cam Pulleys,
XSPower Intercooler,
APEX'i RX6 TCW76 P18 Turbo,
APEX'i External Wastegate with Dump Pipe,
Trust Greddy PE Ti-R Exhaust,
Dual Oil Cooler,
SARD Fuel Rail,
Greddy Type R Blow Off Valve,
Carbing Intake Box,
HKS Fcon V Pro ECU,

5-speed manual,
HKS LA Single Plate Clutch,

Tein Monoflex Coilovers,
Cusco 6-Point Bolt-On Roll Cage,
Cusco Anti Roll Bar,
Cusco Strut Bar,
Endless Brakes (all round),
Slotted Brake Rotors,

AME TM-02 18 x 11jj Offset +10 (all round),
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 265/35/18 (all round),

Voltex Circuit Aerokit,
Voltex Carbon Hood,
Voltex Type 5V Wing,
Varis B-Pillar Trim,
Ganador Carbon WIng Mirrors,
Pure Red Body Paint,

Bride Cuga Semi Bucket Seats,
Bride Rear Seat Trim,
Ralliart Meter Cluster,
Ralliart Gear Knob,
Defi Gauges,
Greddy Profec-B Spec-2 Boost Controller,
APEX'i Turbo Timer,

Cruise Power Car Services, Kuala Lumpur.


Jan 12, 2017

Taking Flight | Nabil's Nissan Skyline GTR

When the Nissan R35 GTR first hit the scene in 2007, Nissan succeeded on building the hype to make sure the members of the public anticipated the successor to the Skyline GTR. It was a huge success and now the whole world can finally get their hands on the Nissan GTR. Nearly a decade later, Nissan will be releasing their second facelift model for the R35 GTR. But now, it feels that the R35 have been so common on the streets.

The R35 GTR may have became the car that anyone can drive fast while being a highly competitive platform on the race track, some enthusiast still prefer the predecessor like the R32, R33 and R34. Compared to the R35, these previous models gives a very raw driving experience, comes with a manual gearbox and is capable to be very intimidating. That being said, these cars have became ever more desirable among enthusiasts while making the asking prices of these cars ever more ridiculous.

For the story of this R34 GTR, the owner, Nik Nabil has always placed the R34 GTR as his ultimate dream car. Just like a huge number of fans, it was pop culture that introduced him to the GTR. It was made famous in the Fast And Furious movie series and it was also the car to drive in many popular racing game titles. It even came to a point where Nabil started playing Need For Speed Underground just to race the R34 GTR.

Now currently working in the aviation industry, Nabil felt that it was time treat himself by getting a performance car. After years of driving his humble Proton Inspira, Nabil was able to save a decent sum of money for the car. However, due to the asking prices for the R34 GTR, the car was just out of reach for him. Because of that situation, he was ready to compromise and just settle with a Mitsubishi Evo 9. But sometime in late 2015, he came across an offer for an R34 GTR which was selling lower than market price. Nabil knew if he passed this offer, he may never get another chance to get the GTR at the same price.

The car that he purchased had a few bolt on mods and some exterior parts to it. The car came with a Z-Tune front bumper and fenders, a C-West wing, a set of TE37 Superlap wheels and some minor bolt-ons to under the hood. Despite being in decent condition everywhere else, the interior was a bit of shape. The seat fabric was faded and there was some cosmetic damage on the Multi Function Display and the steering wheel. So he knew that he had his work cut out for him.

For how he wanted the car to turn out, Nabil didn't want the fastest GTR on the streets. He just wanted a car that was an all rounder. A car that he felt at home and would always look forward to driving. So he pretty much ripped the interior apart and had the trim refurbished. Inside, he wasn't shy to have the GTR and Nismo logo stitched in the interior. He also replaced the original steering wheel with a Personal steering wheel.

Under the hood, he kept things simple with the RB26 motor. The internal parts of the bottom end this RB26 remained untouched and the modifications is only limited to simple external bolt-ons. He currently runs a bottom mount twin turbo set up with a pair of Garrett GTX2860-5 with upgraded billet fins. The motor is tuned with a Haltech Pro plug in ECU and it is currently running at 440 horsepower at 1 bar of boost.

Despite the simplicity of the build, Nabil is very happy to how the R34 GTR is at the moment. He even mentioned in the future, he wants to keep the car in a similar state as it is today to be a twin turbo response build. For him, outright power numbers on the dyno isn't a priority for him despite being one of the most potentially powerful tuning platforms in the world. But the priority is to keep the car as a all rounded vehicle that isn't too over the top.

Owner: Nik Nabil
Model: 2001 Nissan Skyline GTR BNR34
Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia

2.6L RB26DETT Inline-6,
HKS 264 Degree Camshafts,
HKS Cam Pulleys,
HKS Downpipe,
HKS Fuel Rail,
HKS 800cc Injectors,
HKS Spark Plugs,
HKS Oil Cooler,
HKS Gasket Kit,
HKS Belts,
HKS Twin Turbo Actuators,
Garrett GTX2860-5 Twin Turbos with Upgraded Billet Fins,
Greddy Aluminum Radiator,
Gretty Type R Blow Off Valve,
Walboro 400lph Fuel Pump,
SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator,
Custom Aluminum Intake Box,
Port And Polished Heads,
Supertech Valve Seals,
Splitfire Coil Pack,
Haltech Pro ECU,

6-speed manual,
Ogura Twin Plate Clutch,

Ohlins Coilovers,
Cusco Upper Arms (F & R),
Cusco Anti Roll Bars (F & R),
Cusco HICAS Lock Bar,
Nismo Rear Lower Arm,
Nismo Center Link,
Kansai Front Strut bar,
Stock Brembo Brakes,

Nismo LM GT4 18 x 9.5jj Offset +12 (all round),
Toyo Proxes T1R 275/35/18 (all round),

Nismo S-Tune Front Bumper,
Nismo Z-Tune Front Fenders,
Nismo Side Spats,
Nismo Rear Spats,
Top Secret Carbon Front Hood,
Rear Aluminum Diffuser,

Nismo R34 GTR Leather Door Trim,
Nismo R34 GTR Leather Front And Rear Seats,
Nismo Shift Knob,
Carbon Gear Panel,
Personal Steering Wheel,
Sony Touch Screen Player with Reverse Camera,