May 5, 2015

StreetWeapon Malaysia Night Out | Random Snaps

May 4, 2015

Stuttgart Classic | Fully Restored Porsche 993 | Random Snaps

Last weekend, I did my usual call for cars for a quickie shoot because if I got nothing to do, I need to snap. So I had a friend who offered me to shoot a Porsche 993. An old Porsche? That is uncharted territory for me. So he brought it out on a drizzly evening to shoot. This particular model was manufactured between 1993 to 1998 replacing the 964. This was also the last of the air-cooled Porsches. Designed by Toni Hatter, this car has slightly wider flares and a smoother bumper design compared to its predecessor. This particular one was bought over from the previous owner that did extensive restoration in the cost of tens of thousands until it was in the condition its in today. Thanks to the owner for bringing it out. Enjoy the images.


Apr 29, 2015

StreetWeapon Malaysia Meet 1 | Photo Coverage

Lately in the city, many have been talking about the craze about aero, kanjo, or the name itself StreetWeapon. Last weekend, the Malaysian division of StreetWeapon held their first official meet at a McDonalds in Puchong. For those who don't know, StreetWeapon is a group that originated in Thailand in 2013. The emphasis of this group is to build their cars in track ready or time attack style.

The founder, Chayapat who is also good friends with KK Yap was once going to Flushstyle events when he set up his DC2 for stance. Then when both Chayapat and KK got bored with the stance set up, they started seeing Honda guys from the Japan and the US started cutting rear bumpers and installing crazy but functional aero. Thus, Chayapat founded the group StreetWeapon to do just that. As a good friend to Chayapat, KK who is from Kuala Lumpur joined and led the Malaysian division.

The official member count in Malaysia is only 5 but the meet is open to all. The turn out at the meet was in the 20s to 40s. After grouping up at McDonalds, we cruised to the center of Putrajaya. Here are the photos of the meet. Enjoy!