Feb 25, 2014

Hidden Starlet: Toyota Starlet KP60

Unexpected finds can come in many forms. A few weeks back I was making an overnight road trip to the sleepy town of Kuala Lipis, Pahang out in central West Malaysia. The reason was I wanted to see and old teacher and a friend of mine. After doing what I wanted to do, my friend brought me to meet his buddy who worked at the local hospital,

The ride, a very old and very functional Toyota Starlet KP60. What was special about this ride? I was amazed by the original and rare parts stuffed on this car. From running the same original engine (yes, stock and still running) to its super rare original 13 inch Enkei AP Racing rims sourced from Japan.
After taking some routine shots at the hospital parking lot, we decided to roll out and find a drink. As I watch it roll in the quiet streets of Lipis, it is clear to see that his ride is as undisturbed as the streets of Lipis at night. All it had to show was itself on a proper no BS stance. What more can I say, I'm not really a retro ride person but this car intrigued me. Well, that's all from me, until next time. Peace!

Mat Canyon | Hidden Starlet | Toyota Starlet KP60 from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.