Dec 30, 2014

Sesame Street Sharkin | Yoong's Red Furry Monster

When people mention Elmo, people think of a red, furry, animatronic  monster from that children's show called Sesame Street. But in Malaysia, some will also think about of Yoong's red S13 Silvia. His S13 has been around for quite some time now and have took shape of many forms from a decent street tuner to a full fledged track oriented machine. Since Yoong is a seasoned character in Malaysia's street scene and drift scene, he needs a worthy ride to roll in too.

This S13 coupe was bought by Yoong back in 2004 as he is the 3rd (or 4th) owner of the car. He really took time to look for this car since according to him, in Malaysia the amount of road going S13 coupes can be counted by your fingers. Talk about a rare item. Yoong was lucky to find one that was fully road worthy. But for being the person he is, he drifted that car right after buying it.

The S13 has been going through a few stages of its life, at first just being Yoong's joyrider for drift demos. I first carried the look of a Japanese style drift car. Sporting both the DMax type 1 and DMax type 3 kit. It was later on in 2012 when he spontaneously decided to go for the Rocket Bunny look when he decided to rebuild the S13 for Time Attack use.

When you get the chance to open the engine bay of this car, you cant' help to admire the amount of work that has been done to the SR20. The SR has been fully loaded with a lot of HKS parts from the internals to the turbine and even the engine management system. All that has summed up to an output of 400+ horses from the SR.

Take a step inside, first thing you will notice is the race ready stripped interior with a SRF 15 point roll cage and a seam welded chassis. Another thing you will notice when you see the inside, it might look like a typical S13 dashboard but the placement of everything has been customized by Yoong for his liking . Includes a push start button, a Defi tachometer in the middle and even a projected speedometer.

Aside from the complete Rocket Bunny kit sourced from Drifthouse, Yoong also added a few custom carbon bits and a Garage BB GT Wing for better aerodynamics. These carbon parts were custom made by Yoong himself.

It is unusual to see a ride like this to be rolling free in the streets. But since we staying true to the 'Mean Streets' and 'Driven, Not Parked' state of mind, Since Yoong was down with it, we took Elmo out for a spin in the streets of our nation's capital of Putrajaya with our friend from

All and all, I can say that Elmo is built up to the purpose that's intended. Built to grip and nothing else. With 260 profile tires and aero parts all around, just drifting this boy is a challenge all by itself. But building a car is a never ending journey so we'll be be Yoong and Elmo close for the time to come.

Owner: Yoong Cherng
Model: Nissan Silvia coupe S13 (PS13)
Location: Puchong, Malaysia
OMS fully balanced piston, conrod and crankshaft
OMS custom high pressure oil pump
OMS bore and hone to 87mm
HKS 87mm forged pistons
NISMO main bearings
NISMO conrod bearings
ATI crank pulley
ARC oil pan
HKS step 2 camshafts 264IN/264EX
HKS valve springs
HKS adjustable cam sprockets
FLATWELL 1.6mm metal head gasket
TOMEI rocker arm stopper
ARP head studs
HKS intercooler type S
HKS intercooler piping kit
HKS oil cooler
HKS radiator cap 110kpa
KOYO aluminium racing radiator
OMS custom coolant reservoir tank
SARD thermostat 68°C
BLITZ upper radiator hose
SAMCO lower radiator hose
SAMCO water hoses to replace all factory water hoses
HKS GT2835R turbocharger
HKS special racing wastegate kit
MUSCLEBEAR turbo support bracket
Custom exhaust manifold
Custom exhaust downpipe
KAKIMOTO exhaust system, modified tip
HKS in-tank fuel pump 250L
SARD 800cc top feed injectors
SARD fuel surge tank
SARD twin feed fuel rail
SARD r-type fuel pressure regulator
Twin WALBRO fuel pump in surge tank
MAGNETI MARELLI racing fuel filter
PERMACOOL fuel cooler
HKS Garage R custom racing suction kit
HKS super power flow air filter
HKS super SQV blow-off valve
BRISK iridium racing spark plugs
SPLITFIRE DI ignition coils
ARC titanium plug cover
HKS oil filler cap “D1 limited”
BILLION racing power-steering fluid reservoir
CARBING oil catch can
CUSCO engine mount
SECTION engine torque damper
URAS cam angle sensor cover
Custom carbon fiber partition for cold air intake
HKS Fcon Vpro Engine Management System.

EXEDY single racing clutch
NISMO clutch pivot
NISMO short shifter kit
NISMO braided clutch hose
URAS solid transmission mounting
CUSCO limited-slip differential type MZ 1.5-way

HKS Hipermax D’ dampers
SWIFT racing springs
IKEYA FORMULA roll-center adjustable front lower arm
IKEYA FORMULA rear traction rod
IKEYA FORMULA rear upper camber adjuster arm
IKEYA FORMULA rear toe adjuster rod
IKEYA FORMULA adjustable tension rod
MFR tie rod end
ESSENTIAL steering rigid collar
SUPER PRO steering rack bush
SUPER PRO polyurethane bushes
SRF fully stripped interior and seam welded chassis
SRF fabricated 15-point roll bar, cold-drawn seamless mild steel tubing, welded to chassis, A pillar and B pillar
CARBING roll bar paddings
BILLION 1.6mm fire retardant heat shield for firewall
NISMO power brace
NISMO front tower bar
NISMO rear tower bar
ULTRA RACING fender bar
KAZAMA rear subframe rigid collar
URAS underbody strengthening bridge
ISC 6 pot brake caliper (F)
ISC 330mm brake rotor (F)
DIXCEL Z-type graphite ceramic pads (F)
ENDLESS brake rotor (R)
ENDLESS super street brake pads (R)
PROJECT MU brake shoe lining (R)
PROJECT MU brake fluid reservoir cover
HFM bm57 brake master cylinder
CUSCO brake master cylinder stopper
TILTON brake bias adjuster (R)
MRSILICONE brake cooling ducts

WEDSSPORT TC105N alloy wheels 18x10.5 offset +12 (All round)
GT RADIAL Champiro SX2 uhp tyre 265/35/18 (F&R)

TRAKYOTO 6666 CUSTOMS “Rocket Bunny” kit by DRIFTHOUSE:
Front bumper
Side skirt
Rear bumper
Front wide overfenders
Rear wide overfenders
 D-MAX frp bonnet
D-MAX clear corner lens
D-MAX clear indicator lens
D-MAX clear tail combination lamp
GARAGE BB Ignite custom GT wing
PIAA Sporza silicone wiper blades
G-CORPORATION clear headlight cover
RALLYTECH tow hook
BILLION carbon funnel
BILLION cold air intake hose
AEROCATCH flush mount bonnet pin
SPARCO rear trunk spring hook
GANADOR super mirror
BLITZ i-Burner spark lights
Custom foam-cored carbon fiber adjustable front splitter
Custom carbon fiber front canards
Custom carbon fiber rear diffuser

BRIDE Zeta III FIA-approved full bucket seat
BRIDE seat rail type FG
TAKATA racing 4-point harness
NISMO steering wheel
NISMO titanium shift knob
CUSCO spin-turn handbrake knob
OMS custom battery relocation kit
CARBING rear bulk head cover
CARBING foot rest
CARBING pedal set
LONGACRE master cut off switch
LONGACRE ignition switch
PIVOT engine start button