Dec 6, 2014

Deal with the Devil | Lurking with the legendary 240Z

The Encounter
Sometimes, there are certain types of things that you would only dream of seeing in real life. For myself, I always had a personal attachment to the Datsun 240Z. Even though before I have seen a 260 and 280 a couple times, but it never had the same charm that a 240 would have. Then came one night I went out with some friends in a spot in Bandar Sunway. There it was, a genuine Datsun 240Z parked outside.

As I talked to the owner, our buddy from Under6ix Exhaust, he showed a bit of the car, things like the G-Nose front end and such. It was just a typical chat until he opened the hood. Expecting it to be between a beater stock engine to a clean and restored one, I was surprised to see the powerplant is a naturally aspirated RB26 motor. Then I knew and our followers on Instagram knew that we need to feature this ride.

The Outing
A couple of weeks later, we called up the owner to go for a little outing with us. Usually we wouldn't tell others what we will be shooting for obvious reasons but word got out and some of our homeboys from Denskiro and the Slutberry S15 came out to play.

 Coming up to the spot, we met up at a cafe opposite the Supreme Court in Putrajaya. When the other boys saw the 240Z, they didn't believe it. It was like they were possessed. Pretty much the same reaction I had when I saw it.

Just like the bats we are, while we were there, he had to have a round of drinks anyway. Right after that, we had to take a rolling shot of the 240. Then it ended up becoming a tour of our nation's capital. From the boulevard we went prowling through the streets in the neighbouring precincts. Coincidentally, they were setting up the Formula E circuit for the Putrajaya Grand Prix in the weeks after. Safe to say before the  Formula E cars came, we ripped the street circuit first.

The Ride
The Nissan S30Z first came out in 1970 as a sports coupe with a 6 cylinder 2.4L engine. It was popularized in the Japanese Manga comic 'Wangan Midnight' and 'Shakotan Boogie'. Despite the age, it is still a sought after car. Nowadays the 240Z is a super rare car in Malaysia. Even if one finds it in Malaysia, either it is in terrible condition or over-priced.

When the current owner bought this 240Z in 2011, the previous owner attempted to restore the vehicle but never fully refurbished the car. The condition was still not up to par and quite a number of parts were missing. So the current owner continued to restore the car.

After years of patience, he finally achieved a full 240ZG exterior with the G-Nose front end, fender mirrors, fender flares and G spoiler. To complete the look of the car, the owner put on Watanabe R wheels.

Apparently in 2014, the stock engine was wasn't able to serve the 240 anymore. Due to the circumstances, a new motor was needed but to find a working L24 was next to impossible. Even though his exterior and interior was done with a purist approach but when it came to the engine, all that was thrown out the window. So he decided to drop an naturally aspirated RB26 with custom manifolds. All this is managed by an HKS Fcon Vpro unit. Straight up, the sound of it makes a sports bike sound like a scooter.

Despite the transplant, when you step inside, the interior looks like what it would look like in the 70s. Pristine condition with no bits missing. Even the ridiculously long gear shifter was included in the package. Overall, I would say it is a properly done up car.

 TUNING MENU (Under6ix 240Z)
Owner: Nani
Model: Datsun 240ZG S30
Location: Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Wiseco high compression pistons, Forged conrods, ACL bearings,
D&D Radiator, ARC Spare Water Tank, K&N Air Filter,
AEM Fuel Regulator, Custom Exhaust Manifold by Under6ix,
Bosch Fuel Pump, M7 Muffler,
HKS Fcon Vpro Engine Management System.
5 Speed Manual,
OS Giken Clutch
Fawster Motorsport Custom Full Adjustable Coilovers
Nissan S13 4 pot calipers, 4 lug knuckles
Watanabe Type R 15 inch
Achilles ATR Sport 205/50R15 All round
Full 240ZG exterior, G-Nose front end, G spoiler,
Fender flares and 240ZG fender mirrors
Fully restored 240ZG interior



  1. I regret selling my 240Z - EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! If I can find another to buy, I will buy it and NEVER sell!!

  2. Hi, May I know is there by any chance you would know where I could locate a 240z that is for sale?

  3. i need the front thin bumper any suggestions might help, tq
    any help on my resto project are welcome

  4. i need the front thin bumper any suggestions might help, tq
    any help on my resto project are welcome

  5. Nissan’s sports automobiles always been profitable on the Western market and not just. So is definitely the Nissan Fairlady Z (name used in Japan) starting their first yr of introduction in 1970 right up until our days and nights. The Fairlady Z was sold within the US marketplace as Datsuns until 1984. The initially model in the Z-Cars series was the 240Z. Next Machine presented the 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX and previous one is 350Z. The Datsuns 240Z was unveiled in 1969 and the US industry was introduced 1970 by simply Yutaka Katayama, president of Nissan Power generators USA functions. The “Z” letter from name identifies the shift of the engine: the primary model -- the 240Z used a 2 . 4l engine; 350Z uses a three or more. 5 liters engine