Nov 7, 2014

The Melting Pot | RX7 Club Meet

Exactly what it is, a melting pot. That what was when RX7 Club Malaysia had their latest meet. It's not something normal to see an official car club meet in Malaysia to have an attendance from a variety of cars. The invite was from the RX7 Club for a chill and drink session in the west side of Kuala Lumpur. After word came out, it some how spread out to other JDM car owners looking for a good time.

Carried by word of mouth, people who own Silvia, Subaru, 350Z, GTRs and even a Renault Megane came out to join the meet. But unlike most car clubs, the RX7 Club welcomed them to the table with open arms. It's not so clear when we're at the spot, but it becomes clear when these crews go out rolling afterwards.

Even Han is in the hood!

Not only the number of rotary rockets that came out that was amazing, but to see the number of other cars that came out made it a whole new level. This is something car clubs should try to practice. Even though the organizer is named a one make car club, but its always cool to spread the word out and let a couple of friends rolling in different rides to come out. Not only they get to see different types, but it shows that this certain club has no arrogance when it comes to other makes. Reason why I point this out is because its becoming a problem for these 'brandsists'. Comes up to the point where their attitude irritates people, but it seem to become a disgust.

But anyhow, kudos to these rotary guys with their acceptance. They don't organize meets like this all the time. But when they do, MC will be there for sure. This is Kuala Lumpur street life and automotive lifestyle and its best.