Nov 12, 2011

Chill: GBKT with Ariel, Oreedo and friends

11.11.11 was an epic date. I spent it doing some photo work that evening. When the sun went down, while the boys go touge'ing up Sempah, I take time to slow down to chill with the big boys of Malaysian Touge.Ariel EF9 invited me to Damansara to have some Ginger Beef Kuey Tiow with his boys. Why not? I was free on that Friday night, right?
I got there around 11, Ariel was accompanied by Reedzuan "Oreedo", Syawal, and friends. We chilled there up until 2.30am. I realized the opportunity I had so I asked them a lot on improving my driving, weight transfer, etc. Syawal even used this cool app on his iPhone to show weight transfer.

Besides that, we also "bertarbiah" about Touge ethics. How drivers respect each other during a run. It is known as 'the pace'. We just don't see that anymore. (Even I realized that).
Lastly, Ariel and Oreedo started to tell me something that I find very valuable, good starter cars for both track use and touge use. This is his picks.

1. EF9 preferably with a B18C (Of course, Ariel drives this car and he loves it)

2. EG6..he says by the time I graduate, we can get this cheap.

3. DC2..pricey to buy but cheap body parts, the car itself is an FF that behaves like an FR.

It was nice chilling with them, got a lot of valuable knowledge and info. Well, that's all I have to say. Until next time.