Jul 20, 2013

M7 Japan Hypertune Honda CR-Z

What's up, guys. last month I had a chance to check out a project car that's currently being tuned from Hypertune Magazine, the M7 Japan Honda CR-Z. The CR-Z is the successor to the legendary Honda CR-X. The CR-X is known to be a very lightweight car due to its iconic glass roof and rear hatch.
This CR-Z is currently being tuned and loaded with parts from M7 Japan. At the moment, it is currently loaded with M7 Sport Suspension, M7 Titanium Exhaust, M7 Touch R.A.C.E, and a M7 brake kit.

  On the day of the shooting, the CR-Z was sent to the garage to swap its old tires with Yokohama S-Drives. There are still a couple of parts that are waiting to be installed. For any more updates on this car, make sure ya'll get a copy of Hypertune Magazine. That's all from MC, peace!
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Mat Canyon x Hypertune | M7 Japan Hypertune Honda CRZ from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

Jul 14, 2013

Squeaky Clean: Nava's Nissan Silvia Spec R S15

What's up guys,  recently I had a chance to fully appreciate one of my friend's sweet ride. It all started out when a couple of our buddies was chilling at Canai Cafe in SS15 Subang. It was a Monday night, a very unlikely time to be hanging out, but it gave everyone a good mood. Knowing that everyone had to go back home early for work, me and a couple of buddies of mine Nava, Laknas, Izwaan and Jason decided to to shoot.
 We headed out to a parking lot next to the Grand Dorsett to check the place out. After nice-talking with the security, he let us in. From the looks of this S15, you'd be fooled if Nava told you it was stock. Yet it's not. Silvia's are a usual option for anyone who's wanting a FR Turbo and S15s are no exception. The first Silvias were first made in the 1960s with the CSP311. It first held the S-chassis code with the 1975 Datsun 180SX S10. Then it led to later models like the S13, S14 and finally the S15. The S-Chassis has been sold around the world but the S15 is only available in the Asian and Australian market.
This variant, the Spec-R is a bit different then other Silvia models. It boasts extensive chassis  and suspension strengthening and a 6-speed manual gearbox. Despite the fact, this S15 is just for daily use only.
Owner: Nava Ratnam
Model: Nissan Silvia Spec-R
Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
2.0L SR20DET,
Blitz Open Pod air filter, CP Pistons, Works fuel rail, fuel regulator, 750cc injectors,
Garrett AR 70 turbine, Greddy Intercooler and blow-off, 46mm wastegate,
Custon exhaust headers, Jasma 3 inch exhaust, APEXi Power FC
Stock 6-Speed Manual, Ogura twin plate
Tein Coilovers,
Nissan Skyline R33 Brakes (all round)
Ultra Racing room bar
Rota TE37 Takata Green
Michelin Pilot Sport 3 245/45/R17 (all round)
Vertex body kit, Spec R spoiler, Pearl White,
Blitz Boost controller, APEXi meters, Turbo Timer, Recaro Seats,

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Jul 6, 2013

MOBFest June 2013 Hawaii

What's up guys! MOB Design Decals are back with a second edition of their biggest stance and fitment event, MOBFest, Malaysian Fitment Lifestyle. This time, the theme is Hawaii. So bring out your shorts, flip flops and shades on.
Happening at one of the best motorsport venues in Kuala Lumpur, Speed City KL. Things couldn't be better. While SCKL are having their Saturday Night Drift Assault, stance crews from all over Malaysia have came down to show off their rides to the public.
But this time there was a twist. At the end of the night, the participants were invited to limbo. Not with them selves, but with their rides. This can actually apply the phrase 'Go Low or Go Home'.
 With events like this, the Stance culture will be more exposed to Malaysians. Despite the fact that some of these rides are just too low or whatever is just a minor set back. For MC, this is a platform for a car owner to really show his/her creativity and express themselves. Well that's all from me, peace!

MOBFest June 2013 | Hawaii Style | Kuala Lumpur's Illest from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.