Jul 20, 2013

M7 Japan Hypertune Honda CR-Z

What's up, guys. last month I had a chance to check out a project car that's currently being tuned from Hypertune Magazine, the M7 Japan Honda CR-Z. The CR-Z is the successor to the legendary Honda CR-X. The CR-X is known to be a very lightweight car due to its iconic glass roof and rear hatch.
This CR-Z is currently being tuned and loaded with parts from M7 Japan. At the moment, it is currently loaded with M7 Sport Suspension, M7 Titanium Exhaust, M7 Touch R.A.C.E, and a M7 brake kit.

  On the day of the shooting, the CR-Z was sent to the garage to swap its old tires with Yokohama S-Drives. There are still a couple of parts that are waiting to be installed. For any more updates on this car, make sure ya'll get a copy of Hypertune Magazine. That's all from MC, peace!
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Mat Canyon x Hypertune | M7 Japan Hypertune Honda CRZ from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

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