Aug 2, 2013

Garage Life: Streets is Watching.

What's up guys.

Recently I had a chance to chill with a buddy of mines, Simon at his garage. After our first meeting at an event at the PLUS Speedway in USJ, he told me about his garage and his crew, Garage Life. The reason why the name is Garage Life is due to the extensive hours they spend at the garage.
It was a Saturday night so Simon called up myself and all his buddies. Turns out at the time, they were working on their member's Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki. The crew mostly drives S-Chassis ranging from RPS13 180SX to S15. But there are also other Nissan cars like Cefiros and Skylines. Not to mention an Evo-swapped Wira.

These guys mostly drift-tune their cars. Simon even makes custom made lower arms for Silvias by the name of Madrush. Seems legit on what kind of motorsport discipline they practice since they even took a couple of their rides out sideways on the streets.
 After chilling for a couple of hours, the guys decided to head out to the mean streets of Puchong for a late night cruise. With the number of rides out on the highway, ya'll might think this was out in the Wangan route in Tokyo (or not). Well that's all from me. Until next time, yo!

 For full album, check out Mat Canyon's Facebook Page

Mat Canyon x Garage Life | Streets Is Watching from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

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