Sep 29, 2014

The AfterShow | Rolling in Puchong with Tight Fitments

When stance, slammed, hellaflush is mentioned, most will picture a static, hard parked car that you can't even use. Yes, that is a strong sentence, but that is the perception of Malaysian society to these cars. Come to take account how terrible our roads our, they could be right. But this is all pure opinion.

Recently, the stance crews of Malaysia were at Putrajaya with the Fcking Car Low Damn crew (FCLD) from Thailand. Word is they were looking for cars to rep Malaysia at Flushstyle in Thailand. Therefore, they held a 'fitment check' in locations all over Malaysia.

 Kudos to the organizer because the turn out was crazy. Never before Putrajaya was jammed up at this time of night. I wouldn't know how many but lets just say the boulevard in front of the Palace of Justice was full. There was only one lane in and out of the place. The turn out was a highest I seen surpassing events like MOBFest. But it was still a street meet so at about 1.30am, cops had to shut the place down.

A number of guys who were with me fleeing the scene came up with the idea of rolling in the area. We weren't all in one particular crew, but a few guys from a few which happened to be friends. According to some Malaysian stancers, they were the type who uses their car only for show. Thus, eliminating the functionality all together. But some of these guys use their rides on the daily.

From there, comes the type of guys who slam their ride just for to make a tight fit but driven comfortably at the same time. To me, these guys are the true neck breakers. It would be common to see these stance cars in a car show but it is more rare to find them rolling on the streets.

Come to think of it, there are quite a number of benefits if your stance ride was set up low for show but functional for casual drives. Firstly, the wear and tear on your ride won't be so brutal. Parts involved would be from drive shafts to bushings. Secondly, cars are less likely to have problems when they are driven frequently. Both mechanical and electronic parts will less likely to malfunction when in frequent use.

 Lastly and I feel most important, when your stance car is frequently driven, friends can spot you and approach without doubt. Maybe ones day might start alone, but since that friend sees and recognize your ride, you got a buddy to have drinks with. I hope this short article can give some insight to gear heads out there, especially those who drive them low rides. Got any opinions to share about this? Give us a shout out. We out.