Oct 2, 2012

Saturday Night Drift Assault 46.0

What up guys, newest edition to the SNDA series at Speed City KL. This week, we witness some high end cars drifting right here. We had 2 S15s, and 3 RX7s up in here. This week, we were also visited by the Waja Performance Club with their colourful collection of Proton Wajas and the JZ troopers. For ya'll who don't know, the JZ troopers basically consists on cars who run on Toyota 1JZ or 2JZ engines which are originally from the Toyota Supra. They were kind enough to drift donuts around the WPC. Well, that's all for now, peace!

Djan Ley


JZ Troopers

Sofea and Nadia
Video courtesy of Zaku Photo Malaya

For full album, check out Mat Canyon's Facebook Page

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