Oct 17, 2012

Saturday Night Drift Assault 48.0

What up guys,this is MC reporting on SNDA 48.0. This week has been one of those good drift events since we got Djan and Loyai driving tonight. We also had Bullzai around but only as a visitor. Same old stuff but this week, we witnessed Djan and Loyai going side by side like how bad ass drifters should do. Also this week, we showcased the 2006 Ford Mustang GT. Equipped with a turbo-charged V8. (Wait, turbocharged?) During the parade ride, Speed City KL attempted to set the record for most drifters performing donuts at one time. Well guess that's all from me. Peace!

Very well said by Bullzai Hamdan

Loyai hitting the clipping point

Wall kissing by Djan

AES Speed Trap? With angle?

Djan and Loyai. Formula Drift Asia stars



Mustang GT
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