Nov 8, 2012

A day with Zizan Razak and his M7 Japan Mitsubishi Evo CZ4A

What's up guys. It all started out like any typical Tuesday morning. But today, I received a phone call from Wan Bro telling my to come to Speed City KL. Still wondering why, I just went there anyways. Once there I see Zizan Razak learning how to drift.
Zizan Razak
Now for those who don't know, Zizan is a comedian based from the show Raja Lawak and also happens to be an ambassador for M7 Japan. So once there, we all went out for lunch in the afternoon. After that, we were at Momentum Motorsport to grab ourselves some racing gear.

Wan Bro the boss
After shopping, we all got back to SCKL to resume Zizan's drift session. While he was doing that, I had a chance to check out his daily driver. The M7 400R spec Mitsubishi Evolution CZ4A. The stock Evo CZ4A doesn't run on the 4G powerplant anymore. Instead, it runs on a 4B11T 4 cyl. Mivec Turbo outputting 300bhp.

Wan Bro and Zizan at Speed City KL

Zizan giving a dude pose
Now Zizan's CZ4A is equipped with a few nice extras. Some of the mods on this ride are M7 oil catch tank, M7 intercooler, M7 brake pads, M7 cat-back exhaust, M7 R.A.C.E. ECU Flach, gauges and others. This car also looks good with its Enkei GTC01s wrapped with Toyo T1 Sport tires. Well, that's all from me, peace!

Enkei GTC01

CZ4A at Speed City KL

M7 gauges

M7 R.A.C.E

4B11T inside

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