Nov 27, 2012

Saturday Night Drift Assault 53.0

What's up guys. It feels good to be back in Speed City KL. In the month of November, SCKL reuses the Formula Drift Malaysia track layout. On that night, we had a small family where Tengku Djan, brother Ezan, and their cousin showed up at the event. Most of the other star drifters were absent since that weekend was filled with other Drift events. For example Federation D Racepod National Drift Series (see next post). This week, SCKL welcomed Men Drives Move of MDM. (Not Malaysian Domestic Market). These guys consist on Perodua Kenaris or Daihatsu Move minivan. Aside from that, we witnessed some sibling rivalry when Djan and Ezan went side by side on the track. Well that's all from me. Peace!

Tengku Djan now wears Mat Canyon's badge

Sibling rivalry Djan vs Ezan

Tengku Ezan

The cousin, Jennifer

Men Drive Move

Sitckers by MOB.Decal Design

Save Gaza

Angah Tanaka
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