Dec 3, 2012

MegaLap Malaysia vs Singapore Final Round

What's up guys. With December coming in, most of the racing series in Malaysia is wrapping up their seasons. Last weekend, the final round of the MegaLap series was held at Sepang International Circuit.This time, it was a night track session. If driving in the dark wasn't hard enough. Drivers also had to go through the wet conditions.
Team Traffic driven by Azham Zainol and Khairul Azlee Abdullah

Leona Chin

Faye Kusairi 

Due to the circumstances, not all the usual names were able to participate in  the final round, but we were not short of action. With cars struggling with lack of grip, red hot brake discs and even cars spitting fire. The following is the results.

We would like to congrat Hsiao Tung Wei for achieving the fastest time for the night with 2.33.062 with his Subaru Impreza STi RA-R.
Hsiao Tung Wei
Well, that's all from me. Until next time. Peace!

Mark Darwin, currently the fastest VTEC

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