Dec 21, 2012

ZTH Time to Attack Final Round 2012

What's up guys.2012 is ready for it's end since we got 10 days left before the year is up. Zerotohundred ended their year with a bang with Time to Attack Final Round. We got everything from Street, Clubsport, Track Cars and of course, Super Cars. Here are the official results.

Congrats to Desmond Soh for holding the fastest time at 2.21.843. Besides the time attack competition itself, lots of things went on in SIC. One of the main attractions was Epic Stance. This was where all the hottest and illest stanced cars were. Participants included from Negative Flush and Static 365.
Our lovely organizer, Angeline Lee

Girls from Neverland
There were also a lot of promos from the co-sponsors of Time to Attack. Some of them are DRIVE M7, Club Neverland, Honda, Hankook and others. Later in the evening, the competition proved to be challenging due to rough weather. That's all from me, peace yo!

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