Dec 11, 2012

Speed City KL Drift Series 2012

What's up guys, these week for those who came to Speed City KL were treated to a pro-am drift competition. The drift competition consists on both novice and professional drifters a like. It has been estimated about 40 cars entered the competition.

At first, we were soaked by some heavy rain and thunderstorms which caused a lot of difficulties to the drivers. But the qualifying still went on. The highest qualifying score for novice was 89 scored by Mahadir (KE70) and 96 by Angah Tanaka (Playhouse AE86) for expert.
Wan Boss driving Loyai's S14

Loyai Hanizam

Angah Tanaka
Before the Tandem Battles, SCKL was treated with a parade ride by the Killer Bees car club which consisted on Mazdas and Ford cars. After the parade ride, the top 16 who made it to the Tandem Battles were announced. Here are the results for the Tandem Battles.

Novice: 1st Milton KK 180SX
             2nd Dol TGS KE70
             3rd Mahadir KE70

Expert: 1st Wan Boss Goodyear S14
            2nd BullZai Achilles S15
            3rd Angah Tanaka Playhouse AE86

Congrats to all winners, until next time. Peace!

Man Si

Tengku Djan as the judge

Bull Zai

Wan Boss and Tengku Djan

Winner Shower

For full album, check out Mat Canyon's Facebook Page

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