Aug 5, 2014

Ramadhan Highway Sessions | Disturbing The Peace Just Before Eid Mubarak

In the Islamic calendar, the holy month of Ramadhan is a month where muslims are required to fast in the daytime and encouraged to elevate their spirituality. For the past few years, it has been a norm for Malaysians to be out at night more. So it has been a routine for most car clubs and syndicates to have a night run some time in that month. The highway runners (Kaidozoku) of Kuala Lumpur is no exception.
 It was a Monday night, most wouldn't think of going out but since the following day was a public holiday, most choose otherwise. It all started when one person calls his friends for some nightly activities. Then that friend calls his friends and their friends. At last, a big crowd came out.
The funny thing about this session was besides the usual suspects, some unfamiliar faces also joined up. Some are weekend warriors, some are drifters, some of them were unseen for months. Even a couple of rides that night never saw daylight for a long time since it has been in the garage for a long time.
Old time familiar faces came out for the drive. These two in particular rolling in two strong contenders when it comes to highway running. Its been occasional for the black Nissan Skyline R34 GTR S-Tune to come out for runs whereas the white Toyota Chaser JZX100 has been missing in action for quite some time.
It's not all high boost and horsepower. Some of them are just in it for the drive. If anyone is familiar with our last post, this is the stanced Nissan Silvia Spec S that you saw rolling in the inner city streets of Bukit Bintang.

When you thought it is all about the machines from Japan, we get treated with a sight of pimped continental rides. But don't get to excited since the purist type of enthusiast would hate these rides. Reason would be that both the BMW E30 and Mercedes Benz 190E conversion are running Japanese six-shooters.

 They can't change the fact that these individuals are joy riders and adrenaline junkies. But when one gets addicted to cars and speed, they enjoy it. Therefore, no matter how the mainstream sees them, they really don't care about it. Besides where would be the place for one to drive this free without any trackside politics. It's the streets.
Of course, most will say that it endangers other motorist. But if something as simple as racing on track can become so complicated and the fun factor is gone, then no point even trying. Not only the track facilities in Malaysia are limited, the entry fees and requirements are just so expensive and out of reach to a majority of the community. Not to mention the unwanted rivalries and bias that come along with it.

We at MC have heard before questions like 'How come it is always the same cars that come to the track?'. Most likely it is due to the reason we stated here. But when one hits the streets, only then they can find rare gems like this. Built and modded for their passion. Even we never knew there was a 2.9 stroked R34 GTR in Malaysia before. 

In the end, its all down to the path that one chooses. There is not wrong and no perfect path. One can be a hardcore track junkie and spend his weekends competing. But no one can deny the temptation and freedom the streets have. How it really is, that is for one to find out for themselves.

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