Jan 3, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 57.0

What's up guys. I hope everybody had a great New Year celebration. On the last SNDA of 2012, Speed City KL had a Team Drift Battle. We got drifters like Wan Boss, Angah Tanaka, Loyai, and of course Tengku Djan.

We also got Emcee Willxdstroyr mixing the music on that night. This week, SCKL invited the proton Saga BLM Owners Club (PROSBOC). I gotta admit, with stance like that, their rides got really dope stance.

In the final battle, two teams battled it out. It was Team Kepala Perang vs Team Corolla Perkasa. It was and intense battle where they had to do one more time. But at last, Team Kepala Perang rose on top consisting from Tengku Djan, Wan Boss and Loyai. Well, I guess that's all from me. I would also like to wish our local drift star, Tengku Djan a happy birthday and a Happy New Year.

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