Mar 26, 2014

Kanjo Inspired : Aqwa's Honda Civic EK3

What's up guys, for those who followed would already know how far I've been. But recently I felt I wanted to return to my roots. In Malaysia there are a lot of Civic users, but these particular one had a bit of history with me. Before I was any good with the camera, I was already practicing on shooting cars and Aqwa's Civic was the first car I properly shot.
Throwback: Aqwa's EK3 in 2011
Fast forward to 2014
When I first met Aqwa, his Civic was a very typical looking Civic you would find in Malaysia with a JDM look. Sitting on Advan rims, standard offsets and a slight drop. Now it's all different now. Still keeping it clean but now with some colour on those Work Wheels. According to Aqwa, he did his car according to the Civics from Osaka JDM which is running a stock engine, having a decent stance but most importantly keeping it clean.

We first had some coffee at a restaurant in a dark area of Puchong, to me it was the perfect place to shoot so we ended up doing some shots just 500 meters from the restaurant. After that, at 12 midnight, we went out and rolled on the Damansara Puchong Highway.

As it rolls, I realized how this car adapted from two different styles over the past 3 years or so. Yet it still kept clean and admirable. I wouldn't be surprised since Aqwa isn't into the pursuit of horsepower and drag times like most Civic guys. I guess that's why he calls his car 'Puteri' ('Princess' in Bahasa Malaysia).

MC got bored so he photoshopped Yoona from Girls Generation and turned it into a movie poster.

Proton Saga BLM from Aqwa's crew 'LowJunkies'
But looks ain't always how it seems. After shooting, we hung out and talk about their weekend adventures highway boosting with their crew that they call themselves 'LowJunkies' as the live with the code to have both form and function. I got to say, these boys don't f*ck around.

Owner: Muhammad Aqwa Izzat Roslan Model: 
Honda Civic EK3 sedan 
Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia 
1.5L D15B single cam 
3rd stage VTEC, NGK Iridium Spark plugs, 
Custom extractor 4-2-1, 2' straight pipe trumpet muffler. 
EK Coupe 5 speed manual gearbox. (Civic EM1)
Cusco hi- low bodyshift adjustable suspension, 
Standard Ek3 brakes, nissin pads, 
EK9 Front Bar, Skunk2 lower arm. 
Work Meister CR1 (Loop5) 8jj (front) 9jj (rear) Offset ET 0 (all round) 
Goodyear NCT-5 175/50/R15 (all round) 
Original EK3, Pearl white crystal dusk clear paint. 
Blue semi bucket Bride seats and Takata harness, Skunk2 shiftknob.

Mat Canyon | Kanjo Inspired | Aqwa's Slammed Honda Civic EK3 from Mat Canyon on Vimeo.

Well, that's all for now. Until next time. Peace!

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