Mar 3, 2014

#IAMSPEEDHUNTER: Workshops Of The World Unite

What's up guys. I'm just taking a little time for this post. Recently Speedhunters, a well known automotive and motorsport photography website had an open submission called #IAMSPEEDHUNTER open to any talented photographer to submit their work. Their most recent theme was "The Workshop Theme" where they are looking for photos in a garage and workshop type of environment. I submitted one from my archives which was a photo of the GarageLife guys having a friendly debate. After much waiting, I was pleased to know that the photo survived the cut and was featured on Speedhunters. I was grateful that I was selected to be a featured alongside some really outstanding shots. With this, I will make it a stepping stone for me to bring better and more outstanding shots from the street and tuning scene of Malaysia and beyond. Don't forget to check out the original article. Peace!

Original article:
 #IAMSPEEDHUNTER Workshops from around the world