Mar 3, 2016

Captain's Vessel | Zulham's Nissan Skyline GTR

In the ever changing times, some of the most desirable sports cars of the 90s are becoming more affordable. However, there is a downside to this. Nowadays, some of these cars can be ever so difficult to find in the market now, what more one in decent condition. This becomes more evident as many times we tend to come across horror stories about how one tries to get their desired performance car back to life but end losing hundreds of thousands which eventually amounted to nothing. Due to the circumstances, the project gets abandoned all together and this individual eventually ends up buying something generic like an R35 GTR. 

Of course, despite the normality of these particular scenarios, there are those very few individuals that never gave up on their project despite considering about giving up many times, especially knowing that not every workshop can troubleshoot on these particular types of sports cars. Zulham was no exception from this type of situation. Working in the shipping industry by day, Zulham have had huge interest in the Nissan Skyline for a long time. But prior to this, he never really had a chance to enjoy the car which sometimes is due to his lack of time on shore.

Previously, he has had another R34 GTR before but due to some complications, he only had the car for a month. In other words, his first R34 wasn’t exactly something worth keeping. But around four years ago, Zulham managed to find another R34 GTR which is the V-Spec model. Based on what he first saw, the car seems to be in decent condition and only needed some minor repairs. However, the problems became never ending due to complications and misconduct from some parties. Despite spending a solid two years in the workshop, he still hasn’t got his R34 out on the streets.

During the ordeal that he had to go through, Zulham managed to meet the right people which eventually helped him save his R34 from being a sitting duck. So at the end, the car was sent out to Wak at Different Motorsports out in Puchong. That’s when it was decided the R34 was going to be totally rebuilt from the ground up. 

What Zulham wanted from this build was an R34 GTR that was very drivable so that in case if he needs to, he can take the car into the congested traffic of Kuala Lumpur without any major issues. He also was going for decent reliability while making a healthy amount of horsepower at the same time. Which in the end, these objectives were achieved by the car. I personally can verify this because after given a chance to take Zulham’s R34 for a spin, I will admit that his R34 was surprisingly easy to drive. 

With guidance from Wak from Different Motorsports, William from Riyoz Racing and Tam Haltech, they managed to come up with a decent and reliable set up that not only can run well but was also able to produce a decent amount of horsepower from the RB26 motor. The motor is running on a stock block and head with Wiseco 87mm pistons and Tomei 270 Procams. For the forced induction, the single turbine conversion was made on the RB26. Currently, the motor is running on a Garrett GTX3582 turbine. For this set up, the HKS FCon VPro was plugged in to get the set up dialed in. The end result was an output at about 600 horsepower on the flywheel. 

Despite experiencing the ordeal during his first two years of ownership on his current R34 GTR, Zulham managed to source the help needed to save it. In the end, he was able to get his R34 built to a level that that one can be proud of. Despite the amount of horsepower, his R34 was also built in a way where drivability is key. The end result is a Skyline that can be enjoyed both in the bustling city streets and the open freeway. So now, whenever Zulham makes it back to shore, he has something to look forward to during his stay on dry land.

Owner: Zulham Zubir
Model: 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec BNR34
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2.6L RB26DETT Inline-6
Wiseco 87mm Pistons,
Eagle Conrods,
Tomei 270 Procams 10.8 Lift,
Tomei Type B Valve Springs and Retainers,
Garrett GTX3582 Turbo,
Turbosmart Power Gate 60mm External Wastegate,
Different Motorsport Custom Turbo Manifold,
Different Motorsport 3.5 inch Custom Double Barrel Exhaust,
AHM Air Intake,
Tabata Fwin Aluminum Radiator,
Different Motorsports Custom Radiator Shroud,
Turbosmart FPR2000 Fuel Regulator,
Walbro 400lph Internal Fuel Pump,
Bosch 044 External Fuel Pump (x2) and Surge Tank,
Splitfire Super Direct Di Ignition System,
HKS Fcon Vpro Ver3.24 ECU,

6 speed manual,
OS Giken STR2CD Twin Plate Clutch,

Tein Super Street Coilovers,
Brembo 6 pot Brakes (front),
Brembo 2 pot Brakes (rear),

Nismo LM GT4 18 x 10.5jj Offset +15 (all round),
Nitto NT555 285/35/18 (all round),

Nismo Z-Tune Front Bumper,
Nismo Z-Tune Front Fenders,
Top Secret Carbon Fiber Hood,
Mine’s Style Carbon Fiber Spoiler Riser,
Ganador Wing Mirrors,

Blitz Boost Meter,
Greddy Multi D/A Gauge,
Greddy Profec-B Spec 2 Boost Controller,
Innovate Air Fuel Ratio Gauge,
HKS Fcon Navigator,
Willans Nismo 4-point Race Harness,
Nismo 320kph Meter Cluster,

Different Motorsports Puchong,
William of Riyoz Racing,
Tam Haltech,


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