Mar 8, 2016

Artisan's Sample | Cruise Power's Mitsubishi Evo

When someone asks what car would be a brilliant track weapon and a practical daily commuter? If one is looking for something that’s handling is as sharp like a katana yet have a rear trunk that can hit a couple of dead bodies, they probably had the Evo come to mind. Most people will know that the Mitsubishi Evo is a sharp handling machine to pilot even if it was in stock form but what if one wants more. If someone says ‘badass Evo’, what kind of car will come to mind?

Tucked in a neighbourhood on the south side of Kuala Lumpur is a little workshop called Cruise Power Car Services. On the surface, it would look like a decent workshop where someone would go just to get an oil change, but despite the size this workshop has a huge specialty when it comes to Evos. They not only sell and trade Evo performance parts, but they also have built some of the best Evos in Kuala Lumpur.

As the person who runs the show at Cruise Power, Ah Kit must be able to showcase the good work he is capable to do on an Evo. Therefore, the best way he can showcase this is to have an Evo of his own that pretty much has the full package. While some may mistake his car to be fully built for track use, the sole purpose for him to build up his project was to be a reference to his customers that wish to have a fully built Evo with nothing left untouched.

Like many typical gearhead stories, Ah Kit has always had an interest in the Mitsubishi Evo since his days as a young lad in high school. When he got up to age and was finally able to have his own project car, Ah Kit got himself a Mitsubishi Evo 3 CE9A at his disposal. It wasn’t only later on when he no longer had the CE9A; he decided to get a more recent model as his project car which is the CT9A that he has today.

From then on, Ah Kit started to slowly build up his car both inside and out. Majority of the parts chosen are relatively bolt-ons, but he made sure the motor also worked well with the parts he poured in. His motor currently runs on a Tomei built 4G63 with 2.2 liters of displacement. With the larger displacement, the motor is able to have better bottom end torque before the TD06 turbine starts to feed boost to the motor. With the HKS FCon V Pro, the 4G63 is running with an output at the lower 400s.

While most Evos in Kuala Lumpur nowadays have the stock look, Ah Kit decided to install a full functioning aerokit that seem to be a signature of his workshop. Similar to the Cyber Evo from Garage HRS in the World Time Attack Challenge, Ah Kit’s Evo is dressed up with the full Voltex Circuit Aerokit. Probably one of the most iconic aerokit for the CT9A, it is also known to be the most functional with hours of wind tunnel testing done to the aerokit. In a sense, despite the ridiculous asking price, it is justified as it is highly recommended for anyone’s track bred CT9A.

After my experience checking this Evo, I really admire the thought that was put into this car. Just by taking a close look, one can’t help to see that this Evo is not only a showcase of parts but also a fully functional machine. The potential that it has to make that outstanding lap time on track is undeniable. If one doesn’t believe in the expertise that Ah Kit has when it comes to building your badass Evo, then probably his personal project car can probably do a better job convincing you.

Owner: Ah Kit 
Model: 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CT9A 
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2.0L 4G63 Inline-4, 
Tomei 2.2 liter Stroker Kit, 
Jun Camshafts, 
Greddy TD06SH-25G Turbo, 
Trust Greddy PE Ti-R Titanium Exhaust, 
HKS Intake Manifold, 
Q45 Throttle Body, 
HKS Cam Pulleys, 
HKS Cam and Sparkplug Cover, 
HKS Kansai Air Box, 
HKS Type-R Intercooler, 
ARC Radiator, 
HKS Twin Oil Cooler, 

5 speed manual, 
RS Gearbox, 
Carbonetic Twin Plate Carbon Clutch,

Tein Type Flex Coilovers, 
Carbing Front Strut Bar, 
Endless Brakes (all round), 
Slotted Front Brake Rotors,

Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap 18 x 10.5jj Offset +18 (all round), 
Federal 595 RS-R 265/35/18 (all round),

Voltex Circuit Aerokit, 
Voltex Over Fenders (F + R) 
Voltex GT Wing, 
Voltex Carbon Hood,

OMP Ralliart Tommi Makinen Steering Wheel, 
Recaro Tomcat Seats, 
Defi Meters,

Cruise Power Car Service.


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