Sep 9, 2015

Twelve Hour Trip | Wing Hin Motorsports' MME Spec Toyota 86

Ever since the release of the new Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ in 2012, tuners around the world quickly started to take interest on the new platform. It wasn’t long until they started to tap in the potential that the ZN6 had. Designed to be a reboot of the iconic Toyota Corolla Trueno Sprinter or also known as the ‘hachiroku’ which means ‘86’, the ZN6 was meant to emphasis on being a driver focused platform.

Similar to the original AE86 Corolla, the ZN6 is currently one of the very few cars in the current market that comes in a very basic and balanced package. Just like the original, the ZN6 is a front engine, rear wheel drive car with a high revving four cylinder boxer engine. Despite the very basic package, the ZN6 is also the type of car that somewhat encourages the owner to tune it to be faster and to handle better. As a result, there are many types of tuned ZN6 in the world regardless if it is built for track, drift, or just a street tuned car. But this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the hug availability and variety of parts on the market. 

However, the ZN6 isn’t a popular tuning platform in Malaysia due to the hefty price tag. Another factor for the lack of popularity for the ZN6 in Malaysia is due to the fact that at competition level, the scene is highly dominated by Hondas and the Evos. The reason for this is because at the majority of the time, the best track times at Sepang are dominated by these to platforms. Even though there is some tuned FR cars that are just as competitive at Sepang, but they usually get beat by either the Hondas or the Evos. Despite this dominance, Wing Hin Motorsports decided to try their luck on the ZN6 themselves. 

Wing Hin Motorsports were generous enough to leave their number 88 car which is driven by William Ho and Boy Wong just after their qualifying run for the Malaysian Championship Series. From my observation, Wing Hin Motorsports was the only team that entered with two ZN6 which from what I understand have different specs. The one I was left with was originally built to enter the Malaysian Merdeka Endurance Race in 2012. When the car debut for the MME, it was able to finish in third place. Even though the car now is used for the Malaysian Championship Series since 2014, it still enters the MME and been able to be a strong competitor ever since its debut. The fastest lap this ZN6 has ever done at Sepang was clocked in 2014 with a time of 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

Based on the usage, Wing Hin wanted this ZN6 to be able to take race abuse for hours in order tobe capable to compete in the MME which is a 12 hour endurance race. For that particular purpose, the modifications on the FA20 motor was kept to the minimal to ensure reliability. The FA20 is only equipped with a TRD race spec exhaust and a few other components that is fitted for more efficient cooling. Other than that, the FA20 itself is left 85% stock. Despite the lack of power mods on the motor, the FA20 is running with a stand-alone engine management system from MOTEC. 

For the handling, a set of Tein Super Racing competition spec coilovers is fitted on the car to provide the balance needed. Inside the cockpit, the interior has been fully stripped bare and only has one bucket seat for the driver. A full welded competition spec roll cage is also fitted inside to protect the driver and to provide better chassis rigidity. On the dashboard, a MOTEC C185 Data Logger is fitted in front of the original meter cluster to provide real time and accurate information to the driver. In a nutshell, Wing Hin has built an excellent example of a tuned and purpose built Toyota 86 in Malaysia. Special thanks to Wing Hin Motorsports for giving me the opportunity to check out their MME spec Toyota 86. 


Wing Hin Motorsports
Model: 2012 Toyota 86 ZN6
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


2.0L FA20 Flat-4
Custom High Lift Camshafts
K&N Replacement Air Filter
TRD Exhaust Manifold
TRD Race Exhaust System
Earl Oil Cooler
Earl Transmission Cooler
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Denso Racing Fuel Pump
Denso Racing Spark Plugs
ATL Fuel Cell
Motys M1115W40 Racing Oil
Motys M409 75W90 Transmission Oil
Motys M409 80W250 Rear Differential Oil


6 speed manual
TRD Close Ratio Gear Box
TRD Custom Racing Flywheel and Clutch
TRD LSD with Final Gear  


Tein Super Racing Competition Spec Coilovers
Competition Spec Full Roll Cage
Endless Racing Brake Caliper
Endless Slotted Rotors 


Wedsport TC105N 17 x 9jj Offset +32 (all round)
Yokohama Advan A050 245/40/17 (all round)

TRD Front Lip
TRD Side Skirt
SARD GT Wing  

Full Stripped Interior
MOTEC C185 Data Logger
Race Ignition Switch Panel
Bride Low Max Stradia Seat
MOMO steering wheel
TRD Shiftknob   



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