Sep 22, 2015

Daily Grind | Living Daily With A Honda NSX

When one goes around the Sunway area, you may never know what you will find. For a first timer to go there will usually be overwhelmed by the amount of R35 GTRs they saw in an area of roughly 2 square kilometers. For a frequent visitor like myself, I find that an everyday sight, so I would be hungry for something more rare to pop out. It comes to one afternoon when I was heading to see my friends at ST Wangan, I come across something that is considered very rare to be seen on Malaysian streets.

Sitting outside of a tire shop was a Honda NSX NA1. I assumed it was waiting for its turn to have the tires changed. Quickly I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo to be posted on my Instagram. The rarity of the NSX in Malaysia is inevitable. Despite being more than 20 years since the NSX hit the streets, it is proven to still be a neck breaker. Probably because of the shape that resembles a supercar. It would be safe to say that since it was considered Japan’s first supercar.

During the development of the NSX, the Japanese had an edge to build cars that didn’t break easily. Once the NSX debuted, it was not only more reliable but it could outperform its European counterparts at the time like the Ferrari 348. The NSX was so well thought out during the design stage that even the fuel tank was located between the cabin and the engine so that no matter how much fuel was in the tank, the balance of the car wouldn’t change.

After a couple of months after the encounter in Sunway, the same NSX resurfaced again when it was put up on sale on the internet. Knowing it would be the chance for me to see it again; I started following the trail which led me to the owner. So after a bit of digging, I finally got hold of him. So for me to continue the story, let’s refer the owner as ‘Lenny’.

So Lenny is a self-made man who is a regular at JC Racing in Sunway. Other than his day job, he also buys and sells cars as if it was a hobby. Some of the cars that he has traded before ranges from everyday JDM sport compacts to German hot hatches. About four months ago, when he saw the NSX on sale, it was an opportunity for him to try to own that car. It’s not everyday anyone would see an NSX up for sale especially at a reasonable price. At the time of purchase, the NSX was pretty much in stock form.

Soon enough, Lenny started to source for a tasteful aerokit for the NSX. The vision that he had in his mind was something that was inspired by the track going NSXs that you would see in GT races in Japan. After much searching, Lenny got his hands on set of Route Ks aerokit that gives his NSX a more aggressive track inspired look but it also compliments the existing lines the NA1 already have. The look was crowned with a carbon fiber GT wing and set of iconic Volk Racing TE37 wheels on its feet.

The usual trend we see when someone owns a hard-to-find car with some tasteful mods in Malaysia, the owner will usually keep the car in a cage or hide it under a blanket. Sometimes it goes up to the point of never driving it out for any reason. Lenny on the other hand though, starts the car every morning and drives it to his workplace every day. For him, since he has the car and it wasn’t much trouble to drive it, might as well drive it out every day. But then again, since the NSX he has is an automatic, it shouldn't be much trouble.

After having the work done on the NSX, Lenny decided to finally sell off the NSX to a new owner who have booked the NSX just a day before the shoot. It was mad respect I would have for Lenny to be one of those owners who put their beloved cars to good use instead of keeping it locked up. Hopefully the new owner will but it through the same good use too. For myself, I feel thankful and blessed to see and admire this NSX up close 

Owner: Anonymous
Model: 1991 Honda NSX NA1
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3.0L C30A V6
ARC Air Filter,
TAITEC F1 Exhaust System,
Custom Racing Exhaust Manifold,
Koyorad Aluminum Radiator with silicone hoses,
APEXi Radiator Reserve Tank,

4 speed automatic

Tein Flex Adjustable Coilovers,
Brembo GT 6-pot Front Caliper,
Brembo Slotted Front Rotors,
Stock 2-pot Rear Brakes,
Brembo 500 Brake Pads,
Steel Braided Brake Hoses,

Volk Racing TE37 18 x 8jj (Front) 18 x 10jj (Rear)
Continental Tires 215/35/18 (Front) 265/35/18 (Rear)

Route K’s Full Aero Kit,
Carbon Fiber GT Wing,

Recaro SR4 Semi Bucket Seats,
MOMO Millenium Steering Wheel,
APEXi Rev Speed Meter,
EL1 Vacuum and Oil Pressure Gauge,
Carbon Fiber Dashboard and Interior Trim,



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