Jul 10, 2014

The Stealth Fighter | Infamous Autojunction Supra

No other name would be more suitable for this ride. This is all due to the new camouflage that this infamous ride is now wearing. If anyone in Malaysia mentions 'Autojunction Supra', the will know straight away it is the GT500 inspired Toyota Supra owned by the man behind the Autojunction brand. But if anybody can recall, they would remember the car to be in a bright orange colour.
2013: Pre-makeover
2014: After makeover
The thing that excites me is when a person tries out a new colour and it transformed the whole car's look. Now flossing a dark grey colour and carbon fiber finishes, the Supra now looks better than ever. Giving the look of a stealth fighter due to its colour.

The owner has been involved in the Malaysian car scene for quite some time. He spent time with cars since the age of 13. Now he is considered a prominent figure in the scene. Even though he may be involved in high profile events and made a name in the industry, he still maintains a close proximity to the streets when he recently assisted the organization of 'The Takeover' held back in April. He also was the man behind the JDM Malaysia meets back in 2013.

The Supra was bought by the owner back in 2001, coincidentally when the first Fast And Furious movie was released which featured the Toyota Supra as the star car. This Supra in particular on the other had was built slow and steady. After 13 years in the making, it is now the beast it is today.

 At last, the final product is a 2JZ-GTE outputting 700+ bhp and 80+ kg m of torque. This power plant isn't for the faint-hearted. All assisted by a Garrett GT42R single turbine managed by a Haltech Engine Management System. That of course supported by the essential parts to support this kind of power.

 The stealth fighter continues in the interior. First thing anyone would notice whould be the Haltech IQ3 heads-up display on the meter panel, various meters including a huge APEXi tachometer and Bride semi-bucket for the driver. Just sitting in the driver's seat, you can feel the interior is persuading you to drive it fast.

Seeing the Supra in person really gives you chills. The GT500 inspired aerokit and the blinding HID headlights really makes its presence. Completing the look with super-wide Works Meister S1 that are 18x10 in the front and 18x14 in the rear. Yet with all this hardware, it is still a street legal and drivable car. For being the monster it is, it really sets the mark for monster tuning to come in Malaysia and we at MC are proud to have the chance to feature it first in its new colour. Special thanks to Autojunctions.com

Owner: Annonymous
Model: 1996 Toyota Supra JZA80
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
HKS 272’ Cam shafts - high lift 
Jun Titanium Valve springs and retainers 
Clevite Bearings Fully lightened and balanced crank 
Garrett GT42R Tial wastegates Greddy BOV 
Haltech EMS 
Devil’s OWN Methanol / Water injection kit
Full Neo Synthetic Race Engine Oil
Neo Synthetic Transmission oil 
ACT clutch and flywheel 
Illusion shortshifter 
Cusco fully adjustables 
Cusco front and rear anti roll bars 
TRD front strut bar Cusco rear Strut bar 
Brembo GranTurismo 4 pot brakes FR Supra UK spec 2 pot brakes for rear with endless brake pads + Dixcel slotted discs
WorkMeister S1 18x10 F / 18x14 R
 Bridgestone S001 245/40/18 F / Pirelli P ZERO 335/30/18
Dark Grey, GT500 aerokit.
Haltech IQ3, Bride driver side seat.


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  1. i really would like to know what type of custom grey is that paint..looks spectacular :)