Jul 15, 2014

Sleeper Sedan | Honda EG Sedan From Puchong's Southside

When people say Honda, the first things that comes to mind would be things like VTEC, Natural Aspiration, or Spoon. Most Honda enthusiast, well at least in Malaysia would be going after the Type R look. Yet they are so focused to that look until they wouldn't want to try something new.
 The reason why this Honda Civic caught my attention wasn't because it is the fastest or the most extensively built, but it is because the style and inspiration for this Civic is far away from the 'typical Honda look'.

This friend of mine known as Wak Yob first purchased this car in 2010. At the time, the easiest way to describe the car was that it was a piece of sh!t. But after scrutinizing the car, Wak finds that it is an EG8 Sedan which was awarded 'Car of the Year' at the time. Yet he never modded it until 2013.

  In 2013, Wak got the chance to fly to Japan to work there for a few months. Due to constant contact with Honda guys who trades parts there, he had the privilege to make friends with a member of TOPGUN. TOPGUN is one of the infamous Kanjo tribes that race on Osaka's loop highway system. Coincidentally, Wak himself is a fan of the Osaka Kanjo scene.

  Once he returned to Malaysia, he was finally inspired to start modding and styling his car with the help of his friends from Izal Autoworks and 9Garage. To avoid the typical Honda look, he was bold enough to install FRP parts on his car. Chargespeed aerokit was installed to give the car a different and unique look. Back then, nobody in Malaysia wanted body parts like that but ironically it recently became popular due to the recent Kanjozoku trend.

 Sometimes, a car can tell a lot about the owner. This clearly shows that Wak wants to bring back a slice of Osaka back home. Even though his Civic isn't a full fledged Kanjo race car, yet he puts in some Kanjo inspired goodies inside his ride including Jason hockey masks and Kanjo associated stickers, some orignal stickers from Japan.

When one sees the engine bay, it is clear to see that it isn't a show car. This Civic was meant to be driven. The set up is very basic and far from being loaded with expensive sought-after parts. Just a good condition B16A motor with light mods on the intake and exhaust. All in all, even though it might not be the fastest or most Type R Civic out there, but its unique style and the owner's attachment towards it makes this ride special.

Owner: Muhammad Nur Aiman Bin Roslan (Wak Yob)
Model: Honda Civic VTi (EG8) Car Of The Year Edition
Mugen Airbox, Custom DIY Piping Air Ram, ARC Alloy Radiator,
RS*R 4-2-1 Exhaust Headers, 2.3 inch DC2 Piping, 
Evo 3 centre bullet, J's Racing muffler,
GSR Semi-LSD transmission
GAB High-Low adjustable coilovers,
DC2 Front Strut Bar,
Cusco 'Monkey Bar'
OEM Nissin EG9 brakes
Enkei NT03 15 x 7jj (Front and Rear)
Falken Ziex ZE 912 195/50/15 (all around)
Chargespeed front lip, side skirts and rear lip
Reflective License Plate Holder, Spoon kevlar front hood,
Original Honda ACCESS parking pole.
Midnight Purple
92 Spec EG9 doortrim (tweeter included)
Honda DC2 Recaro Semi Bucket seats
Honda EJ1 coupe floormats and third brake light,
MOMO Steering wheel, Honda SB3 Gear knob.

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