May 1, 2014

The HellaSaga : Hazim's Hellaflushed Proton Saga BLM

What's up guys. Lately I have been hanging out with the LowJunkies a lot lately. Along the way, I also met this one dude who flushed his Saga BLM the right way. Nowadays, there are thousands of Saga BLMs in the streets of Malaysia and it's becoming one of the most common cars to see in Malaysia, so what could possibly be special about this car?
Now, we all know the BLM was based from the original Proton Saga which was produced from 1985 to 1992. At that time, everybody wanted one. Not only because it was the first national car of Malaysia but because it had the best build quality of any Proton model up to date. So the BLM was the successor of the original Saga.
I was impressed how tight the fitment was. Even the camber was just right. Yet, even though it looks like a hard-parked kind of car, but it proven it's functionality when Hazim takes it out for highway runs between Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. It was possible with Wings coilovers on the front and Bustec coilovers in the back with a 10K spring rate for balance at high speed.
If you see how fast he can go on the highway, you'd be surprised that he is running with a stock 4-speed automatic gearbox. Even when it comes to engine tuning, Hazim maintains a stock like set up similar to the Japanese Kanjo Racers who usually run stock like to light tuned VTEC engines.
 On the outside, it looks pretty understated since he kept the original Blueberry Tea paint but it's a whole different story in the engine bay where he painted his valve cover with pink and purple camo.
If you want to catch him rolling, it's most likely to find him in the streets of Shah Alam. Well that's all from me. Until next time. Peace!

 Owner: Muhammad Hazim Rasid
Model: Proton Saga BLM
Location: Shah Alam, Selangor 
1.3L, TwinCam Campro
Samco radiator hose, Stainless steel extractor 4-2-1, 1.6" straight pipe and HKS S-flow muffler DRIVETRAIN
Standard automatic transmission 4-speed
Wings adjustable hi-low front Spring rate 10k - 150mm
Bestec adjustable hi-low rear
Custom Springs sourced from Mercedes c140 (front) with cut coil for more low
Standard brakes and standard pads
Ultra racing front bar & ultra racing rear bar
Front camber (-2.5)  Rear camber (-5.50) with 2 washer
 Gold Ce28 deep dish 8jj (front) 9jj (rear) offset 0 all around,
lock nut work racing red, blue dice valve air cover
Silverstone evol8 175/50/15 all around
Original body part blm, blueberry tea purple colour from proton, window visor, lips wira/putra, spoiler ori saga blm se, foglamp yellow, bumper clip sparco.
 Player sony usb, set audio, momo steering, knob gear momo, purple candy colour for center panel ENGINE BAY & HEAD COLOUR
Custom. Orange samurai bottle Purple candy samurai bottle Clear/lacquer samurai

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