May 1, 2014

One Of Those Nights: After-hours KL Street Life with LowJunkies

Now if anybody asks me if I prefer a car show, a track event or the streets, I would without hesitation choose the streets. Reason is not anybody can experience real underground street culture. You have to know the right people, able to tune in to their channel and not be afraid of getting caught or into trouble.
Now, the LowJunkies might be a small time group, especially when you see the members are pretty young kids but what catches my attention is that when kids their age usually spend their late nights in front of the PC or at the Cyber Cafe playing DODA or Wallcraft or on social media, these boys take their stanced rides out and go Kanjo runningfrom Shah Alam to KL and back.

These kids really love cars and they don't f*ck around and talk cock about it. They may be new but still enjoy driving their machines. Everybody knows even way back to the late 80s, the Federal Highway was a Mecca for highway racing. it was truly a legendary route and saw a lot throughout the years.These kids might not go as fast or slalom as crazy but they still do it for the love of it.

Spending a couple of nights with them just riding shot gun and hanging out at Merdeka Square in KL, you would start to understand why they do this every other night. Its just for the sake of chilling with friends that have the same interest.

I would still remember those times when I was caught by my parents because I was hanging out with Touge Racers a few years back when they say that it will lead me to trouble with drugs and alcohol, which was total BS. The truth was, that these people just wanted to give their cars a little 'exercise'. But they don't have a place to go, no point to go to the track where there are politics involved.

Well, not much left to say about these guys. Just its best to leave them alone they way it is. This is their lifestyle.But the sad fact is that the mainstream society will always find ways to mess around with these individuals. But there's nothing we can do, all they can do is judge. Yet, these guys really don't care about it. Best we leave this one alone. Until next time. Peace!

Funny rolling shot of Afeef wiping his wheels while his driver go steering-less.

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